Sinzarie D'Amorae

Mate: (if any) None

Appearance: He has shoulder length, curly golden blond hair, blue eyes, and tanned skin. He has a howling wolf tattoo on his arm, a grinning skull tattoo on his neck, a stalking wolf tattoo on his arm, and a wolf head tattoo on his neck.

Family: The WolfClan is my family. I was adopted as a brother by most and an uncle by others. I am orphaned as my parents died on Glatoph traveling from Icemule.

Home: Icemule Trace

Age: 90 years old.

Profession: Sorcerer

Favorite Hunting Area: Darkstone Castle presently

Weapons: My spells mainly and I carry a thin bladed vultite longsword fer defense.

Accomplishments: Still alive ;-). cleaned up the well of snerts. I have been warder to many youngins.

Comments: The world only gets better if people are willing to make it better.

Dated May 16, 2000

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