Lord Sabre Tooth
Lord Sabre
Lord Sabre

I was born in a large town called Wehnimer's Landing. I lived with my father, my mother, and two brothers, Zapp and Solinarin. My father worked in the local mines, my mother, was a Priestess of Lorminstra's Temple, and my brothers worked for the local Blacksmith. I, being too young to work anywhere yet, helped my mother with the chores around the farm. Every week we went to the temple to help my mother tend the sick and unfortunate and it always amazed me when mother would resurrect the fallen hunters. She was one of many Clerics in town and was often called to the Temple to help, dragging me along with her which I didn't mind at all, for I loved to watch her work her magic.

One night, when father was working late, a messenger came riding onto the farm shouting frantically. We ran to the porch just as he approached and handed the message to mother. She read the scroll, tipped the messenger and said she would go right away. "Mother, what's wrong?" I asked. Mother looked down at me with tears in her eyes, "It's your father, dear, A terrible accident has happened at the mines, we must hurry."
We loaded up the wagon with blankets, herbs, and food rations then headed to the Temple. Apparently, there had been an explosion in the mines. Several miners were injured, some died and others were still being searched for. Mother and the other Clerics immediately went to work on resurrecting the fallen miners.

Empaths healed the wounded and I did my part by distributing herbs and blankets. Every now and then I would look over at mother as she worked and this time I noticed mother was kneeling by father with her head laying upon his chest. I walked over to her and sadly placed my hand on her shoulder, "Father is gone, isn't he mother?" She lifted her head to face me, her eyes puffy and bloodshot from the tears, "Yes, Sabre, I tried, but I could not save him, Lorminstra has taken him from us." Mother was too weak to continue her work, so the Empaths prepared a bed for her to rest upon. Suddenly two men rushed through the door carrying one of the lost miners. "This man needs medical attention, immediately!" exclaimed one of the men. The Empaths rushed to the miner and began healing his wounds when one of the Empaths noticed the miner was not breathing, "We need a Cleric here!" she shouted. Unfortunately, all the Clerics were already busy with the other patients and Mother was still too weak to do anything...

One of the Clerics casted a Lifekeep spell onto the miner and said, "He has been granted extra time until one of us can get to him." With that, everyone continued to do their part in helping the others. I went over to mother's bed and kissed her on the forehead then slowly walked over to the man whom was just lifekept. I knelt down beside him and took his hand in mine, "I wish I could help you mister, but fear not, Sir. You will be helped very soon." As I looked at the man's face, a vision of my father's face appeared. Memories and visions rushed through my mind of watching my Mother bring many back to life. Then suddenly I heard my mother's voice whisper to me. I quickly turned my head in mother's direction but she was still laying there with her eyes closed. I turned back to look at the man before me and my mother's voice whispered to me again, this time I heard it much clearer, "Son, it's time you use your gift. You can do it, Sabre…It is your birthright. Help this man, give him life, for it is not his time to go."

Taking a deep breathe, I gently place one hand on the man's heart, held my medallion in the other and prayed to Lorminstra to grant this man life. I gestured at him and suddenly a brilliant glow formed around the man, lingering for a moment, then faded. I felt my surroundings grow dim...then lapsed into a state of awareness only, unable to do anything for a few moments, then the man sat up, gratefully thanking me. From that day forward, I knew my destiny was to become a Priest of Lorminstra's Temple.

to be continued...

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