The Terrer Brothers



Lord Ryp Terrer, Giantman, Rogue

Son of a wayward human Rogue also named Ryp, this Rogue was the by-product of a father with generous tastes in women. He liked them, large, Titanic in fact.. But alas being the wandering type not much was ever known of his father except for the discovery of a few half-brothers also the by-products of their fathers diverse tastes..

Being raised by his titanic mother until the tender age of 12 Ryp grew strong in the great wastes.. But the blood of his father burned strong in him and the desire to see civilization brought him to Wehnimer's Landing at a very young age, although from his size and strong human heritage he appeared to most to be a grown man.

Being new to civilization he found it difficult to adapt and found a living in the ways of stealth and misappropriation. As he grew and learned more of the world he learned to channel his abilities to more productive concerns, and more profitable ones..

The discovery of a portal to River's Rest fueled his interest in exploring and he spent much time there mapping the wilds. While there he was bitten by strange Were Wolf Creature, what transpired in that exchange was never quite determined but he found himself growing in strength and wisdom and a noticed abilities to sense things that eluded him before.

This event, and the discovery of two half-brothers slowed his search for power and brought to him the appreciation for family, friends and other trappings of civilization that previously eluded him... He spends most of his days now helping his siblings, bantering with friends and socializing in the house that he made home, Silvergate Hall.

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Lord Victorae Necromonacon, Half-Elven, Wizard

Half brother to Lord Ryp Terrer, and son of a Elven Wizardess of great power, the same wanderlust that gripped his sibling brought him to the Landing to seek out adventure, power, and fortune far before his prime...

Early years brought great dissapointment and hard luck, his endeavors slowed at every turn. But with the discovery of family in the Landing and the advice and great help they provided he managed to scrape his way to a level of satisfactory power..

Now he spends most of his time helping the other young members of the family, mostly his nephews, in the struggle of learning and growing.. The quest for knowledge always continues..

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Lord Beliwyf Lokshiel, Giantman, Warrior

Half brother to Lord Ryp Terrer.. Beliwyf is the big boy in the family, what he lacks in the more subtle sensibilities he makes up for in brute strength. Wielding everything from a table leg to a greatsword he bashes his way through most situations..

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