Lord Ranil Grinala

[Spiny Seahorse Table]

The tabletop in this cozy nook is patterned in detailed glaes mosaics. Small grey seahorses swim through a blue-green glaes sea. A small oil candle casts glimmering light across the tiny glaes chips.

Well, everything started off fine, Ranil had to play a "Merchant outside the tavern!" hoax, so we could get a table. As we passed through the tavern though, something caught Ranil's eye, and he backtracked a bit, when I found him, he was standing happily, rum in hand. At this point, we proceeded back to our table, and began my makeshift interview.

Seated at the Table you see: Lord Ranil & Lady Strayla

Strayla glances at the Half-Elvin Warrior, who is holding a mug of Fleet Captain's rum in his right hand.

He appears to be in his 50's, has short, wavy sandy blond hair, multihued eyes, and tanned skin. He has a tattooed symbol of V'Tull on his right arm. She also notices a faint scar across his face which she assumes he got in a battle long ago. 

His clothing is of fine quality, such as his gold gilded jazeraint shirt with a veniom hawk cloak clasp, & some dark spidersilk breeches with a gold-inlaid myklian scale belt. Attached to the belt is a tightly woven spidersilk sack. He carries a silvery spider silk backpack and a brilliant imflass weapon harness on his back with a golvern embossed kite shield slung over his shoulder. He also wears a Warrior Guild member pin, a silver V'Tull symbol, a gold ring and a colorful patchwork felt hat.

Ranil asks, "alright, whatcha wanna know?"

Strayla says, "Well, I ain't good at this stuff, but lets think..."

Ranil says, "me eida, so wese jes wing it"

Strayla nods and says, "Sounds good to me"

Strayla grins.

Strayla says, "Well, Ranil, seein as how not everyone knows you, lets know a bit about you, like yer name and what not"

Ranil says, "ma names Ranil"

Ranil says, "Ranil Grinala ta be specific, ise from a small town south of River's Rest"

Strayla nods to Ranil.

Ranil takes a drink from his Fleet Captain's rum.

Ranil asks, "rum?"

Strayla says, "No, I don't eat or drink"

Ranil squints and says, "an yet..."

Ranil is admiring you.

Strayla snorts at Ranil and says, "this is about you, not me"

Ranil shrugs.

Strayla mutters to herself.

 Strayla asks, "and...ya have parents an what not?, do you got some parents, and what did ya, and them, do in this small town?"

Ranil says, "ma real parents were killed when ise were young, deyse were jes farmers, neva urted no un, killed protectin da town from krolvin... I journeyed to River's Rest after burying my parents and was later adopted by Rauny and Jesp, although they are seperated now"

Ranil begins to twitch.

Strayla asks, "So then I'll take it you hate Krolvin?"

Ranil nods and says, "ive killed my share"

Strayla asks, "So then River's Rest is, more or less, your home now?"

Ranil says, "well, it used ta be...but, now ise move roun too much ta really call anywhere home"

With a slight grin, Strayla says, "So sort of a wanderer then, eh?"

Ranil says, "ayep"

Strayla asks, "Well, what do ya do for a living, you're a warrior right?"

Ranil leans on you.

Ranil says, "lessee, spend most of ma time sittin roun an drinkin an whatnot, but erynow an den ill get out an unt"

Strayla rubs her chin thoughtfully and ask, "so do ya have any kids, or siblings?"

Ranil says, "ive a brother, no kids dough"

Strayla asks, "Who's your brother?"

Ranil says, "Menelistar, he una dem sorcish types, yah know, spells an whatnot"

Ranil shrugs.

Strayla says, "I know, So, how'd you come to join clan?"

Ranil says, "ma momma used ta be clan, she introduced mese ta it an she introduced mese ta Meg"

Strayla asks, "Umm, you follow V'tull, how come?"

Ranil scratches himself idly and says, "well, not sure really, ise respect em"

Ranil furrows his brow and places his hand on his V'Tull symbol.

Strayla asks, "why though?"

Ranil says, "dunno really, same reason yah follow dat Gosaena folk prolly"

Strayla chuckles.

Ranil takes a drink from his Fleet Captain's rum.

Strayla asks, "well, how long ya been about now?"

Ranil rubs his chin thoughtfully and says, "ise first journeyed ta River's Rest and began ma trainin nearly two years ago."

Strayla asks, "What else can ya tell us about yourself?"

Ranil says, "hmm, ise like ale, an weapons, yap, lotsa weapons"

Strayla gives Ranil a good pinch!

Ranil furrows his brow and says, "lessee..."

Ranil taps a Warrior Guild member pin.

Ranil says, "ise tree ranks way from masterin warcries"

Ranil nods.

Strayla says, "ahh, congrats"

Ranil says smiling proudly, "in ma spare time ise a merchant of sorts...though ise dont know many merchant wif 11k in deir account"

You ask, "Really?"

Ranil nods and takes a drink from his Fleet Captain's rum.

Ranil scoots his chair back, stands up and says, " gah, outa rum, "scus' me a minut"

Lord Ranil strolls over to the bar and orders another round of rum then returns to his seat, pulls out his chair and plops himself down at the table.

Ranil grins and says, "continue"

Ranil takes a drink from his Fleet Captain's rum.

Strayla says, "Yer gonna ruin yer health with all that drinkin"

Ranil says, "bah, health smealth"

Strayla asks, "Well, what made ya take up such a nasty habit like drinkin?"

Ranil exclaims, "nasty habit? blasphemy! come now, its a refined art"

Strayla asks, "sure sure, ya made it an art did ya?"

Ranil offers Strayla a mug of Fleet Captain's rum of which she immediately declines.

Ranil says, "should try it sumtime"

Strayla says, "no thanks, I might end up lookin like my mom...I'd like to keep my youthful good looks."

Strayla snickers.

Strayla feels the blood drain from your face.

Ranil says, "maybe ifs yah drink more yah wouldnt get hooked inta interviewin stuffs"

Strayla laughs out loud!

Ranil rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Ranil asks, "did ise mention ise like weapons?"

Strayla grins and says, "yes, yes you did"

Strayla rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Ranil nods.

Ranil says, "well ise do"

Strayla asks, "why's that?"

Ranil stares off into space.

Ranil taps a  a bone-pommeled elven longsword and a dir hafted vultite waraxe with grey wolf hide coiling about it in a descending spiral and says, "i dont tink deres anway ise could splain it dat a sorc would unnerstand.

Ranil says, "only got two on mese now, gotta few in ma locker, but lost ma baby"

Ranil begins to twitch

Strayla rubs Ranil and says, "I know, I heard"

Strayla asks, "What made it so special to ya?"

Ranil says, "wese are connected, ise can still feel er in mese, ventually, ill get er back"

Strayla asks, "Well, ya made it a girl, eh?"

Ranil says, "its jes er"

Ranil rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Ranil says, "sorta like, dey arent weapons, merely extensions of mese"

Strayla says, ""

Strayla coughs and says, "ahh...I'm not even going to touch that one..."

Strayla feels the blood drain from her face.

Strayla winks at Ranil.

Ranil rolls his eyes.

Strayla coughs.

Ranil says, "bah, sorcs"

Ranil says, "ask any fiter, dey tell yah"

Ranil says, "well, as to what i like ta unt..."

Ranil nudges Strayla and says, "tanks fa askin, hmm, kiramon on teras...Shan ere in Solhaven, gargoyles, roa'ters, an golems in Darkstone, figures an Sheru in the monastery, dat sorta ting""

Ranil rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Strayla nods to Ranil.

That concluded our little "Interview". Hope ya enjoyed learnin about him, as I did <G>

Thanks Ranil

- Strayla

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