Marinzol Falcaste

Mate: Brakian Warbringer

About You...My parents were killed in an undead invasion in our cottage outside of Icemule. I followed my uncle's footsteps and became a wizard...and vowed to attempt to rid the world of undead, or to at least try to limit their numbers. I have since joined voln to aid me (and him) in this cause. I really enjoy helping others, and believe I have a soft heart. I try to be patient and understanding, at least. I am quiet, and enjoy much solitude, but do enjoy company from time to time and learning what is going on around me. Lumnis is my Goddess of Choice as the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom.

As a wizard, I am a constant seeker of both. I know that if I am lost or need wisdom I always have Her to turn to. Even though I am a Sylvan, I tend to follow elven politics to some extent. I respect the Illistim house the most and seek to study it more closely.

Appearance: She has short, braided light brown hair, green eyes, and fair skin. She is wearing a rising sun pendant, a vultite Lumnis symbol, an elegant krodera-clasped cloak, an ivory-inlaid cameo brooch, a fitted lavender silk bodice, a scorched components satchel, a gold sea horse pin, a mithril bound scroll case, a flowing lavender silk skirt, an acid-stained vultite wall shield, a golden spidersilk knapsack, a delicate white gold rose pin, a fancy violet cap, some full leather, a crystal amulet, a pair of leather riding boots, an imflass black opal ring, and a gold ring.

Family: Lady Coricopat...bard...adopted mother.

Home: The Landing.

Age: (not trainings) 56

Profession: Wizard

Favorite Hunting Area: Castle Anwyn

Weapons: Minor Water/Minor Fire/Major Shock/Cone of Lightning/Gold/Metal/Aqua/Crystal/Blue Wands/etc.

Accomplishments: Voln Master

Comments: I hope this helps you get a little bit of a better look at who I am. =)

Dated May 16, 2000

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