Sir Madigar of-Rillanon

You glance across the room and see Madigar of-Rillanon.

His long red hair has hangs in a braid down to the middle of his back, his green eyes seem to pierce your soul as they stare back into your own. The man appears to be in his thirty's with dark skin, and of half- elven decent He is wearing a pure white shield, a sinister brigandine protector, a silver spidersilk backpack, a gold ring, a carved ivory skull earring, a long black puma fur cloak, some softened thrak hide pants, a tiny black glaes spider, a pair of black pearl-clasped gloves, some soft black thrak hide gloves, a tiny jade nose ring, an emerald falcon pin, some padded black leather boots, a black velvet pouch, a mithril bound kobold skin sheath, an ivory and jade buckle, a white maoral amulet, an engraved silver link bracelet, a necklace of bleached rat skulls, a starched white tsark skull, and a braided silver band.

You sit quietly in the corner, unnoticed by Madigar and a halfing companion who appears to be conducting some sort of interview....

The halfling speaks timidly at first, and asks, "How long have you been in the lands?" Madigar grins and answers, "too long, since the fall of the ice age." "How long have you, Madi been around?", asks the halfling, a little more sure of herself.

Madigar says, "bout ummm" Madigar works his fingers under his white tsark skull and scratches his head, "five or six months I think"

The halfling asks, "a rogue, yes?"

Madigar says, "yeppers", a sly grin come across his face and he continues, "teef, if ya will. No magic and no picking..I train mostly to kill stuff." "Alot of theivin?", giggles the halfling "Yep", answers Madigar, "like me mum"

The halfing raises her eyebrow in Madigar's direction, "your mom is a thief?" She leans across the table and pokes her finger at Madigar teasingly. Madigar says, "yep, not as good as I, of course...she's a magicker." The halfing smiles at Madigar and asks him of his family.. Madigar momentarily gets a far off look in his eyes as a smile comes slowly over his face, "welp me pop be gone, me mum is on teras alot cause she dont learn here...Sinocence dat is...Psycat was me pop... me sister Strayla and disgruntled sorta kinda uncle Demonnight." Madigar grins, then adds, "I likes ta eat human flesh, cannibal if ya will"

The halfings face pales and her voice cracks,"human flesh"?

Madigar says, "yeah,sometimes when im in the mood." he smirks and adds, "not all bad, takes like rolton" The halfing hesitates, then giggles, "your family have you over for dinner often?" Madigar says, "no but i have people over for dinner" The halfing cowers from Madigar and shrieks, "no eating the interviewer! Madigar chuckles and tickles the halfling, "I dont eat family" The halfling relaxes a bit, visably relieved, then continues with her questioning, "you follow any particular deity?" Madigar says, "yep, Mularos" The halfling asks, "I thought I remembered a long time back, you followed Marlu?"

Madigar looks shaken at first, regains his composure quickly and grins, "yeah comment" "I'd really like to hear about that", states the halfling. Madigar glances at the halfling, she quickly drops her head, avoding his piercing eyes, "well he told me that my family was dead, gone with the wind..Psycat gone, Sinocence gone." He fidgets nervously, "and Strayla...gone" The halfing raises her head and peers at Madigar with confusion, "any idea why he'd tell you such a thing?" Madigar says, "cause he is a liar." The halfling nods, "seems he is.." Madigar's face brightens, "and well, I kinda like Mularos, he's my kinda god." Madigar grins, and you watch in horror as he licks his wickedly curved faenor waraxe, then his razor-sharp elven broad axe, only to be followed by his heavy black vultite falchion.

He grins as the blood trickles from his lips, "one not mine one my mom gave me and falchion girlfriend gave me." The halfing pales at the sight of Madigar licking his swords, then perks and asks happily "Oh! girlfriend..who is your girlfriend?" Madigar says, "heh secret fer now." The halfling snaps her fingers and then giggles, "not gonna eat her, are ya?" Madigar looks irritated and answers, "no im not gonna eat her." The halfing asks, "does she know of your cannibalism?" Madigar glances around the room and says quietly, "nope, thats kind of a private thing" The blood drains from the halfing's face. Madigar says, "but she is a great teef, almost as good as me" he gets a crazed look on his face, "I like ta kill stuff"

The halfing, apparantly trying to change the subject asks, "how long have you been clan?" Madigar throws his head back and cackles madly, "I snuck in about five or six months ago" The halfing giggles, "true rogue" Madigar grins, "I like ta steal too, perdy good at it" his attention seems to be lost then he mutters under his breath, "but can't seem ta git ta yers" The halfing reaches over to Madigar and noticably sticks her hand in his pocket, and giggles. Madigar grins and hands some coins to the halfling, "there ya go". The halfling sits quietly for a moment then says, "tell me what you hate about the lands, if anything?"

Madigar shrugs then mumbles, "not enough things ta kill, nae enough merchants ta steal from..and the fact I cant go to Teras yet." "Planning on going there when you can?", asks the halfling. Madigar frowns, looking a bit sad, "yes, mom is lonely", he heisitates, "grumpy too..needs family with her." The halflings tries to look shocked and gasps, "your mom isn't grumpy!" Madigar looks directly into the halfings eyes, "sometimes she is.. well, she been acting different since dad has been gone, is all." The halfing nods and smiles at Madigar, "Do you live here, in Mule?" Madigar says, "gonna start, then when I'm twenty, goin ta Teras." He glances over the halfings shoulder, "wanna see something me mum gaves ta me?

The halfing asks, "what do you hunt around here", then nods to Madigar, "sure" Madigar shrugs, "ogres and guardians" as he removes a yellow sunstone from inside his puma fur cloak. He holds it out for the halfing to see. The light hits the stone and sparkles brightly, "she gaves me that a long time ago, I stole it from her at first, then I gaves it back" The halfling giggles as Madigar puts the gem back inside his cloak, grins, and then hands her a few coins, whistling to himself. '"Were you born here in Mule as well?", questions the halfling. Madigar leans back in his chair, "ummm nope, me was born in Kharam Dzu, and was always in me pop's backpack..when my parents hunted, that is. The halfling says, "sounds dangerous" Madigar smirks and lays his hands out flat on the table, "yeah well I never did nothin just poked at things in his backpack, and felt magics all about me, perdy neat stuff he got"

"Sounds like you've travelled all over, huh?", questions the halfling. Madigar scratches his head, "yeah, never been ta Pinefar though" The halfling smiles, "anything else you'd like to add?" she hesitates, then giggles as she gazes up, " if the cannibalism wasn't enough" Madigar seems to be lost in thought then looks across the table at the halfling, "ummm I can ambush perdy good and I got some new armor" tapping a sinister brigadine protctor, .. "I guess I'm nae interestin, eh? " The halfing smiles at Madigar and fidgets, "oh yes you are, very interesting.. actually, a bit scary" Madigar asks, "scary how come?" "You eat human flesh! That's a bit abnormal, dont you think?" shrieks the halfing, "do you know any others like you?" Madigar runs his tongue over his lips, "yeah, know of..they old though. Think I'm scary? I dont go around killing empaths." The halfling says, "well, it's a little disturbing, just the same" Madigar asks, "guess what?"

"Does your family know about your choice of cuisine?" asks the halfling, then looks up at Madigar, "what?" Madigar cackles madly, "chicken butt." He then faints, falling face-first onto the table with a hearty SMACK! He jerks upright and blinks a few times as a brilliant goose-egg begins to form on his forehead. The halfing giggles and leans across the table, kissing Madigar on the forehead. Madigar says, "heh, what you eat?" The halflings face lights up and she exclaims, "tarts!" Madigar says, "well yer in the land of em" Madigar removes a soft black toy raccoon from inside his puma fur cloak, and shows it to the halfing, he then removes a shiny green toy snake from inside his puma fur cloak and shows it to her.

The halfing faces Madigar and shrieks at the top of her lungs, "SNAKE!" Madigar grins and puts the toys back into his cloak, "is just toys" then gazes about the room. The trembling halfling exclaims, "that toy is almost as big as me!" Madigar grins and tickles the halfling, "everything is almost as big as you." The halfing sticks her tongue out at Madigar, "any final thoughts on anything?". Madigar works his fingers under his white tsark skull and scratches his head, looking thoughtful for a moment, "gimme yer coins and gems and no one gets hurt." he says, grinning. The halfing glances at Madigar and begins to wail "I'm telling!" Madigar hands the halfing some coins, "actually, I gave up cannibalism cause mom asked me too", a wicked grin crosses his face, "but I have this itchin for torture now" The halfing shudders, and leans back in her chair, "what kinda torture?" Madigar grins, "the torture of myself and others, kinda kinky, but I dont have a neato spiffy whip like mom... I like torture any living creature..undead torture enough so I dont mess with'em." The halfing smiles, "interesting family you have" Madigar says, "a crone kilt me lastnight, kinda felt wiered" he glares at the halfing, "hey, I loves my family"

The halfing nods, "I know you do..but you all seem very strange" Madigar says, "your strange yerself" The halfing pokes Madigar in the ribs, "I'm very normal" Madigar peers at the halfing and asks, "whats normal? ever seen a pyrothag mate?" The halfing looks at Madigar and shakes her head. Madigar says, "heh pretty funny, they dive into the volcano and do it..thats what dad says." The hafling giggles and asks, "are you making things up? I've met your dad and he doesn't seem the type to watch pyrothags mate." Madigar grins and shrugs , "heh well thats what he told me."

Madigar says, "i gotten better at my ambush, and hiding is perdy good, am I'm wanting me family to be proud of me..I'm slow I guess..I'm the youngest." "I'm sure they are proud of you", says the halfing. Madigar sighs. The halfling peers quizzically at Madigar. Madigar says, "just feel like i drag me mom behind saw her die twice last night.. got me real hard" he taps his chest, "right here. I cant wait till I can hunt kiramon with her.. I'll be perdy awesome, dont ya think? The halfing nods to Madigar. Madigar gives the hafling a smooch then hugs her, "glad youre around" Madigar says, "can I show ya something real quick?" He then pulls from his black leather boots a grinning skull-headed wand, "it's grinning" "Ooo nice", says the hafling.

Madigar stands and takes the halfling's hand in his and leads her from the room. You can still hear their voices carrying through the inn as you stand to leave. You chuckle to youself as you reach into your pockets for the coin to pay your bill and realize the green eyed rogue has cleaned you of all silvers.

interviewed & edited by Lady Sinocence

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