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Jypta's Story

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Your surroundings blur for a moment . . .

[Land Tower West, Roof]

A small overhang on the south side of the tower provides the on-duty guards with some shelter from the elements. From there, you can see the roofs of the town buildings to the south and southeast. Directly south, you can see a large open square among the buildings. Your view east is blocked by another guard tower. To the north, you can see the road that leads to the main gate of Wehnimer's and beyond it, to the shoreline. You also see a wooden ladder.

Also here: Darcmystic, Jaal, Sabre who is seated, Aronious who is seated, Lady Jypsie who is seated, Lord Buco who is seated and Lady Illisha.


Jypsie sighs contently and says, "So many memories here that Jypta told to me."

Jaal sighs.

Jypsie nods to Jaal.

Jaal nods.

Jypsie says, "Jypta was born here in the landing many years ago...

Jypsie says, "She often traveled the lands for research and of course to continue her quest to find our family.

"Jypta had eventually found many of our siblings and other family members, some of which we never knew about, of course, through adoption or marriage and such.

"She would often visit me at the Gash, but each time she came to see me, I noticed how withdrawn she was becoming. She once whispered to me that an old friend of hers would be returning to Elanith to seek me out and that we were to be married.  ...but that's another story..

Jaal mutters ashhags.

Jypsie nods to Jaal.

Jypsie says, "The Gash was always invaded by those ashhags and other horrid creatures."

Jaal sighs.

Jypsie says, "Jypta used to come here to this tower to meet up with our sister Minthe, brother Mordlin and other siblings everyday for family gatherings.  Right in this very spot is where she rested."

Jaal says, "Really?"

Jypsie nods.

Jaal says, "It's peaceful..not alot of traffic"

Jypsie says, "This is where her husband asked her for her hand and she found out, he, being enchanted by her beauty, had been stalking her for weeks, watching her every move"

Jaal chuckles.

Jaal says, "Interesting courting method"

Jypsie says, "Well. He wanted to know more about her but did not know quite yet know how to approach her. She has always been abit mysterious."

"Then one day sitting here with family, he sent his pet mouse to bring her a gift."

"It was her first time encountering a familiar up close"

Jypsie nods.

Jypsie says, "The mouse had something in its mouth and dropped it at her feet, then it spoke to her saying the gift was for her from Lord Joog"

Jypsie says, "It was a single, orange flame rose"

Jaal asks, "Ive never seen one of them roses before."

Jypsie says, "Jypta has two of them Joog gave her. He told her the rose symbolized the burning passion and love he had for her."

"The roses came from HearthStone Manor, though I don't know if they have anymore, and I believe they are rare, in fact, she may be the only one who owns them."

Jaal says, "Aye"

Illisha asks, "Wasn't he abit controling  and possessive of her?"

Jypsie says, "Yes, Joog truly did love her, but sadly he was very controling and quite posssessive but I think it was more of an insecurity of losing her love to another. He would shower her with gifts then leave for days on a hunting trip. It was very lonely for her so she would visit her best friend, Drizzsdt and he would take her hunting. When Joog returned from his hunts and find out she was with Drizz, he would take her with him wherever he went, trying to convince her to stay away from Drizz because he thought Drizz was trying to take her away from him. Then he would go back to his old routine of being gone for days.."

Jypsie sighs sadly, "A couple years later, Joog was murdered and that devistated Jypta. Drizz was there for her as was the rest of the family, friends, Joog's brother Iooy and others."

"After his death, Jypta was never the same. She lost her powers and the will to live. She hid in the mountains trying to conjure up a poison spell to rid her unending pain but it backfired on her. She drank the potion and it made it her young again. To many this would be a good thing, but to Jypta it was not. To her, It was eternal damnation."

Jaal says, "Sad..."

Jaal blinks.

Jypsie says, "So now she roams the lands still in the veil she wore at his funeral, some even say she often is found whispering to someone who is not there."

Jypsie shakes your head sadly.

Jypsie says, "There is only one man who can bring her out of this daze she is in, and that is her best friend and confidant...Lord Drizzsdt."

Aronious, "Hasn't Drizzsdt been in love with her since them days too?"

Jypsie says, " Yes, he has always been there for her and I would imagine always will. I married him just as Jypta predicted, but we both knew deep down inside, Drizz cannot love any other but Jypta. I suppose Drizz and I only married for comfort & companionship because of our losses.

"You see... I was once married to Joog's brother Iooy, as some of you do know, but that is yet another story.

Jaal says, "Thats truly sad...emotions are a double edged sword..

Lord Buco says, "They can bring such joy and tremendous pain."

Jypsie says, "The tragedy of it all...was  that it was a close friend who slained her husband."

Illisha asks, "Who killed him?"

Jypsie says, "Thoryn Elvsquin"

Jaal asks, "Really..why?"

Jypsie says, "Before Joog, when Jypta first traveled here in search of our parents and family...the first person she met was a young warrior who immediately fell in love with her at first sight"

"He was obssessed with her and never let her out of his sight,  showing her around the town and the surounding forests where they hunted together. Thoryn never left her side. He was devoted to her like no other could. He has killed many who have disrespected Jypta or even looked at her the wrong way."

Jypsie coughs and clears her throat.

Jypsie says, "Her reason for coming here in the first place was to find our family and Thoryn helped her do just that within the first 3 months that they were together."

Jypsie says, "Thats when she started coming here to this tower, to be with her family."

Jaal nods.

Sabre rubs you.

Jypsie says, "Then things began to change for her and Thoryn"

Jaal says, "Things have a habbit of doin that"

Jypsie says, "Thoryn went off to hunt and Jypta would stay with her family."

"They drifted apart...at least Jypta felt they did, but Thoryn..."

"Poor Thoryn, so obssessed with her, he would do anything for her, even die for her."

"It really burned Thoryn inside to see her with Joog."

"Joog would whisper to Thoryn and taunt him about how he had Jypta and Thoryn would lose her forever."

Jaal says, "Well that didnt help matters..."

Jypsie says, "Thoryn would bite his tongue and run off to the forests to keep himself from cutting Joog's throat 'for he did not want to hurt Jypta, and that is the only reason why he held back for so long."

You nod to Jaal.

Jypsie says, "Joog would come up here and take Jypta with him everywhere he went. Friends and family tried to convince her that he was controling and possessive but she did not listen...Drizz asked her to divorce Joog and marry him."

"Jypta was torn at this point. She loved Drizzsdt more than anything  but was afraid to lose his friendship and she thought she was "in" love with Joog.  Lord Briars, before he became so infamous, tried to persuade her to be his companion and said Joog did not deserve her love."

"It mattered not, She stood by her man as she was taught to do..."

Jypsie realizes she is drifting off the original subject...

Jypsie sighs and says, "Sorry, off track there for a moment...back to Thoryn...."

"...Jypta never understood why Thoryn was behaving the way he was, she would ask him but he refused to tell her, then he would leave the room."

"Finally one morning when Jypta was sleeping.."

"Joog, while out on his usual morning hunt, had run into Thoryn in the forest and taunted Thoryn his very last time. Thoryn could hold back no more.."

"He drew his sword as Joog laughed at him and drew his own sword."

Jypsie sighs heavily.

Jypsie says, "it was quite a fight as Thoryn says..You see....Joog was a great warrior in his time, but Thoryn was more cunning."

"In short, they began to duel and Joog struck Thoryn's face with his Khopesh, which is the scar you see til this day over Thoryn's eye and cheek."

Jaal says, "So he drew first blood....."

Jypsie grimaces, "Thoryn hid in the shadows then jumped out ambushing Joog as he swung his sword swiftly across Joog's throat."

Jypsie nods to Jaal.

Jypsie says, "Thoryn said a few brief taunting words to Joog and left him there to die. But Joog, using all the strength he had left in him, managed somehow to make his way back home to Jypta."

"As she opened the door to let him in, he fell into her arms"

Jaal says, "Must have been determined."

Jypsie says, "His last words to her were.....T..h..o..r..y..n."

Jaal nods.

Jypsie says, "Til this day she never talks about it."

Jaal says, "Im sure she'd not like to think on that day"

Jypsie shakes your head.

Jypsie says, "I think she has blocked it out but every day she goes to his gravestone and places a single black rose upon his grave"

Jaal says, "Truly sad"

Jypsie nods.

Jypsie says, "And theres more...

Sabre raises an eyebrow at you.

Jypsie nods sadly to Sabre.

Jypsie continues, "Jypta had a child. It was Thoryn's child but Joog forced Jypta to give up this child.  Jypta couldn't do it, instead she hid her.

Jaal and Sabre gasp.

Illisha asks, "Does Thoryn know of this child?"

Jypsie nods to Illisha and says, "He does now, but when they parted ways and Joog entered the picture, she was carrying this child and did not want to tell Thoryn, afraid of what may happen if he knew. She thought one day she would tell him when the child was safe from harm."

"After helping her deliver the child, Jypta had me promise to take her to the mountains and care for her.

Aronious asks, " Is that why you dragged me hunting for a year up there by the circle of stones?"

Jypsie nods to Aronious

Jypsie says, "I often gathered food and grew herbs to feed the youngin, the child grew up eating manticore, thrak and whatever else she could find as well as what i could provide for her.

Illisha asks, " Does Aunt Jypta ever see her?"

Jypsie smiles softly at Illisha

Jypsie says, 'Yes she does. Jypta would come to see her every day when Joog went off hunting. She spent the whole day with her and then would rush back to town before Joog got home."

Sabre asks, "What name did Jypta give her child?"

Jypsie says, "Her name is Jyzel Elvsquin. Jyzel is our great great grandmother's name and of course Jypta thought it only right to give Jyzel her father's surname. She is a holy woman like yourself, Sabre."

Aronious exclaims, " A warrior and sorceress bare a child of the cloth?!"

Aronious asks, " How did that come about?"

"Well, that's another story, she actually has alot of warrior in her, however."

"Thoryn met his daughter up in the mountains. In fact, he nearly killed her because he thought she was trying to steal from him. She was stealing alright, but not from him. Jyzel was trying to find food when he showed up. She was frightened and hid in the shadows. He went up there nearly everyday for months and she would continue to hide in the shadows watching him.

"They eventually became friends and often would meet there and Thoryn help her hunt for food and such.  Their conversations became more personal and that's when he realized who she was. Thoryn approached Jypta about it and she explained it all to him. He promised to protect and provide for Jyzell from that day forward. Last I heard , however, he took her to Riverrest to improve her skills. Thoryn has hated me ever since he found out about Jyzel.

Illisha asks, "So What happened to Aunt Jypta?"

Sabre asks, "Where is Jyzell now?"

Aronious asks, "What about Drizzsdt? Now that you two are divorced, will he try to persue Sis again?"

Jypsie says, "Yes, Drizz has been trying to help Jypta alot and I hear he has succeeded somewhat."

Jypsie says, "As for Jyzell and Thoryn....Jyzell is still living in the mountains and has mentioned someday soon she will come to the Landing to meet family. Thoryn has decided to stay up there with her to protect her."

"Jypta still wanders the lands, but thanks to Drizzsdt, she has come out of her shell somewhat and they plan to help her back into shape to get her powers back and possibly plan to marry in the near future."

Jaal says, "Well, thanks for the story Jypsie and I hope all goes well for Jypta and Drizzsdt."

Jypsie smiles and says, "Perhaps another time I can explain the rest of it.  Have a good night."

to be continued...

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