Lady Jypsie

A large white wolf suddenly appears beside Jypsie, soundlessly, watching with an interest. In a moment a smaller female glides quietly in and sits next to him, gently nuzzling his neck. They sit for a moment, look up at Jypsie as she pets them both, then each turn and vanish without a sound into the forest....


The Namar

The Mothering instinct in each one of us is
Wolf Medicine. For the Wolf is a Motherer,
and a Fatherer. Simplified, that means Wolf
holds the parenting energy in its vibration.

That is real Wolf Medicine.

The Wolf Medicine that a Woman walks with,
what we call intuition, is her Friendly Wolf.
In the old way, the Friendly Wolf was known
to come into the village to protect the children.

This Friendly Wolf energy comes from the psychic.
It is the psychic part of the Woman that knows how
to shift her love, her intention, and her nurturing
abilities into the form of the Wolf. Thus she comes
to the village, in the form of the She Wolf, to
protect the children and the old ones in need.

She Wolf is the Mothering energy of Great Spirit
GrandMother Wolf. GrandMother Wolf often comes
to us in this time in the form of the She Wolf.

She is the Friendly Playful Wolf, gently guiding
them back, pointing them in the right direction
along the path of harmony—
the Good Red Road of Great Spirit.

There is also a grand teacher who is seen through
the form of the Great White Wolf, telling you that
you are straying from the path. It is telling you to
return. She calls you to return to the Good Red Road.

- Wolf Moondance

"Always Remember to follow your heart"

For friends found in the night's steady storm,
A single group together they form.
The Thief whose charm and style shine bright,
The Mage whose ambition and wit stay in sight, 
The Warrior whose sense and words have taught,
The Ranger whose humor is happily caught,
The Empath whose art is often sought,
The Cleric whose manners are always clear,
The Bard whose words and endurance sear.
The final link in question seen,
The Sorcerer, an oddity with edges keen.
A group of varying balance for certain,
But with open blessing, close the curtain!

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