Jessielyn Tavier

Mate: Widower of Lord Adalar
About You: see below
Appearance: I have very long dark brown hair, with violet eyes and tanned skin, i'm a short lil dwarven warrior.
Family: too many to name but the most important is Mom who is Jypta. I have 4 children still running around the lands they are , Illisha, Illander, Malencie and lil Kasolani
Home: home is where ever i happen to be at the time, i spend most of my time in the Landing's warrior guild.
Age: 50
Profession: Warrior
Favorite Hunting Area: haven't found a good area to hunt lately
Weapons: a veniom-hafted silvery rolaren waraxe
Accomplishments: her accomplishments are her children
Comments: she is a warrior and a loner now and only stays around the family mostly.

I was born in the town of Weihnimers Landing, Elanthia. My parents disappeared without a trace when i was 5 yrs old, leaving me an orphan wandering the streets, fending for myself, even had to go as far as stealing food from the grocery store so i could eat. I soon wandered to the town of Icemule where i met some very good people and i lived there happily for many years.

When my friends left i moved back to the Landing where i have found some of my friends. I lead a quiet life and am alone mostly. I have met and fallen in love only to lose that love. Now i just wander and help those that need it, hoping some day to find my parents or to at least find out what happened to them.

my story is short but that is me

Lady Jessielyn Tavier

 Dated May 16, 2000

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