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...He appears to be in his 90's, has long, straight silver hair, dark eyes, and dark skin. He has skeleton key tattoos on each of his fingers (thirteen total), a howling wolf tattoo on his neck, a black chain tattoo on his ankle, a sleeping black dragon tattoo on his neck, a coiled serpent tattoo on his neck, and a small black skull tattoo on his forearm. He is holding an enruned headsman's axe in his right hand and an elven warchief's tower shield emblazoned with a bleach white skull on a field of black coral in his left hand. He is wearing a midnight black bag, some flawless onyx prayer beads, a jet black glaes spider charm, a veniom-plated Ilyan Cloud charm, some dark imflass alloy gauntlets, a dark imflass alloy grandguard, a gold ring, a
skull-shaped Onar pin, some fitted elven scale mail emblazoned with the image of a broken white skull on a field of black, a bloodspattered wrist-sheath, a black spidersilk vest, an ivory skull armband, a vaalin-edged scale lockpick
kit, a twising cobra earcuff, a shadowy black alloy lockpick case, a scorched dark leather belt, a cobra skin shoulder scabbard, a pair of shadowy black spidersilk pants with each leg embroidered with a standing lion whose dreadful eyes glitter with large dark diamonds, a pair of shadowy black spidersilk gloves trimmed with dark elven runes and embroidered with the shape of a stalking lion with dreadful dark diamond eyes, a shadowy black spidersilk cloak trimmed with dark elven runes and clasped with an embracing golden ora lion and lioness, a pair of shadowy black spidersilk boots embroidered with the image of a magnificent lion wielding a twisting cobra as a venemous whip, a wedding band of golden ora cleverly carved into a stalking lion poised to pounce with paws outstretched and brandishing dark diamond claws, and a dark imflass alloy visored helm.

Alias: The Levy
Mate: Baroness Marikaytte Bouchere' the Dark Elf Healer. She appears to be in her 120's, has long, braided dark brown hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin.
Family: Order of Onar
Home: [Cobblestone Court, Fortune Lane]
Flecks of gold and silver glitter brightly from the sunlight striking the embedded metals in the cobblestone street. Crickets and frogs chirp and croak loudly, adding to the rich environment surrounding the houses. You also see an expansive white marble manor.
Office:[Wehnimer's, Narrow Alleyway]This narrow, dead-end alleyway runs from town square to the south, up to a
bare wall at the north end. To the west, partially hiddenbehind teetering stacks of boxes, you see a weatherbeaten door with paint peeling off of it.
Age: (not trainings) 95
Profession: Jack of All Trades... MagicalRogue/Ambusher/Pickpocket
Favorite Hunting Area: Illoke Stronghold
Accomplishments: Two-Time Terasian Brawling Champion
Goals: To kneel in the unpresence of Onar.


Comments: Kaustic shows you a Wehnimer's promissory note, which he is
holding in his right hand. It has a value of 100000000 silver.
...Having spent his youth foolishly studyiing the art of Sorcery, Kaustic allowed himself to be possessed by Onar and rampaged the lands, sanctioning countless heretics and non-believers. Upon capture he was given a fair trial to await a speedy execution. In prison he reformed and learned to give himself tattoos and pick locks. The holy water torture he endured erased the Sorceror spells from his memory, but the elemental spells were indelibly etched even today. Days before the execution, Kaustic used his new-found roguish skills and disappeared without a trace. Escaping his chains, he befriended the Elanthian underground, a mysterious sect of forgers, extortionists, and cut-throats. He commissioned the sect to tunnel under the streets, and into the vault of First Elanith Secure Bank.
The town's constable found the vault empty, and his only clue was a writing on the inner-vault wall, "Without malice, without weapons, without violence."
Now formally regarded as the sect's Baron, the reformed Kaustic teaches his sect to conduct themselves peaceably, discouraging random acts of senseless violence.

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