Lady Gwennolay Elmswoods

Mate: Azaer AelKoth

About You... Gwen is a friend to all; both young  and old she'll sit and talk for hours. Hunting is always on her list of 'things to do'. She loves the danger, the challenge and the money in hunting. She'll do the most dangerous hunts with the best of them, die of course, and get back up just to rejoin....all without one complaint. She's a good sport, happy person, and a loving mate.

Appearance: This dark elf has very long red hair ( alil untamed) piercing green eyes ( mostly solemn) a long slim body ( easy to hide with) and wears armor that is both useful and eye catching.

Family: Wolf Clan

Home: Teras Isle

Age: (not trainings) 96

Profession: Rogue of many talents

Favorite Hunting Area: lower eye on Teras Isle at the moment

Weapons: Waraxe , longsword and falchion

Accomplishments: Voln Master, Rogue Guildmaster

Goals: To be the best she can be in all areas of her life

Comments: Her hobby is cooking and shopping. My Rolton Stew is the best!

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dated May 16, 2000

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