Gwydionne Moonscrye

Mate: She is married and hand-fasted/bonded to Lord Hisoarer Eagleblood, a human ranger and CO-Treasurer of Willow Hall. They were married the 9th of Eorgean last, in a ceremony officiated by Lord Strendor Soulrester, her Wolf Clan uncle, and priest of Koar.

About You...

Appearance: Although she appears human, she is of mixed blood, human and giant kin. She is medium height for a human, about 5' 7"; slender and fine-boned with shoulder length, curly, black hair; large, heavily dark-eyelashed, green gold-flecked eyes and a very fair complexion. She has a difficult time concealing feelings, emotions, as she flushes and blushes easily, her very fair skin showing color like a stain. She has a temper which she has learned to control, and which she fears. (There was a terrible incident early in her life in the Landing where she killed another.) She is quite physically strong for a sorceress, perhaps due to her giant blood.

She is devoted to learning the history and lore of the Lands, and teaching and helping.

Family: She is of human/giant heritage.....her mother, a giant person, was the ranger Dyva Ledgwalker, having been hand-fasted to Thargas Kithmoore, a human warrior. Both families were most unhappy with the union, but Dyva returned to her parents' home to bear her child. Raised in a remote giantkin village by her maternal grandparents, who were both rangers, Gwydionne was taught many skills.{They were of the Grishknel Wolf Clan.} She was befriended by a woman, who many in the village considered a "witch", who took pity on her, since being part human Gwydionne was often excluded from things by the villagers and their children. The woman, who was human and had half-elven child herself, lived on the outskirts of the village ekeing out an existence as a healer and potion maker. She taught Gwydionne to read, to appreciate the arcane magic arts and the secrets of herbal lore. When Gwydionne, nicknamed Dionne, became of age, she left to go to the large town of Wehnimer's Landing, seeking to learn her chosen craft and to find her Mother and Father who she knew were in the great town. She met Megraill and many of her mother's adopted "Wolf Clan" relatives becoming a member of the Clan and the family. One of her fondest memories being the happy time of Twoflame and Amgard's wedding. She still waits for "the Watcher."

Home: She lives and travels with her Lord and husband, Hisoarer, mainly in the Landing area, occasionally going to Solhaven and Teras. She has a retreat, a vine-covered chalet on the Streambank in Port Valley, near River's Rest.

Age: (not trainings) She is in her 80's, currently 89, but young at heart, even if somewhat quiet and introspective. She is wildly and passionately in love with her husband, devoted to him and her immediate family and the Wolf Clan family. She has found too, a "home" in Willow Hall.

Profession: Sorceress, rather does not fit the "typical" sorcerer/sorceress profile.

Keeps wondering why all the spells are pain torture sort. Is broadly trained.

Favorite Hunting Area: Solhaven, Castle Varunar, where ever her beloved Lord hunts. She hates trolls and is devoted to wiping them out. (This perhaps because of being used in the past, as a sled by ice trolls and a mop by stone trolls.) Lately, roa'ters are coming to the top of her "most despised" list. Has been heard to say "I fly well it's just the landings that hurt."

Weapons: She carries a ruby-hilted silvery rolaren longsword and relies on her considerable spells for offense, preferring to hunt with the mana-efficient mana disrupt or dark catalyst.

Accomplishments: She is a member of the Wolf Clan Council, a scion and active member of Willow Hall and applicant to the Coven. She has achieved 50 trainings.

Comments: She was a widow, her husband, Lord Valcarious Scottief, passing from the Lands. They had a child, now, the Lady Syleanne Moondarrkling, a half-eleven  appearing ranger of 28 trainings, a Wolf Clan member. Syleanne was married to Lord Ourac HalfSoul, also a Clan member, who tragically committed suicide. She has many sisters, several of whom are Wolf Clan members.....Lady Erinyesa Janisdottir, a rogue of 22 trainings, Lady Pastiche Lytewalker, an Empath of 20 trainings and her mother's namesake, Dyva Alfgar'Ardennai, a young Empath of 5 trainings. Dionne's grandparents have adopted several children, elven, half-elven and human, whom they found in the mountains left and abandoned. So, she considers herself a sister to them too. And, of course, Gran Gwenn and Gramp Azaer and many Wolf Clan aunts, uncles and cousins, lots of relatives...too numerous to list here.

Dated May 16, 2000

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