Lady Brinnea Ginnafae

Mate: hmm I have no clue anymore, he seems to be missing

About You... I was raised in a sylvan court, my real mother was half sylvan half human, my real father was a Hierophant and a pure sylvan. After fearing for my safety, my family sent me away to "hide out" till they found it would be safe for me to come home and I ended up in Whenimer's Landing. Which once I arrived I was adopted into a very loving family. I love to go out hunting and getting into any kind of trouble I can find. I hang out at Hearthstone Manor on the porch all the time, every once in a while I'll wander over to Wayside Inn for a bit of quiet...

Appearance: I'm about average height, 5'6" my human blood is the reason for that *mutters*and a little on the skinny side. I have very long black hair, sparkling violet eyes and tanned skin. I have a few tattoos which are a stalking lion on my chest, a tiny howling wolf on my waist, a pouncing kitten on my thigh and a moon and stars tattoo on my ankle.

Family: I have a huge family that Adopted me, my parents were Lord Nethergarde and Lady Rubyjoy. Brothers and sisters:Phillipa, Tezeal, Kenlot, Bryoin, Sabiias, Harthmore, Sestya and theres a few more... my uncles Lord Kulbaen, and Lord Ravenscar. My new Aunt Chadani and my children are Jylia, Grenaldore, Jill, Ashri, and my new twins Shivana and Sydon. And of course my clan family!

Home: Whenimer's Landing, House Sovyn, a manor house in Hummingbird Pond, and the forests

Age: (not trainings) A true Lady doesn't tell her you aren't getting it out of me this way

Profession: Healer

Favorite Hunting Area: Any where people drag me

Weapons: I have an ancient black vultite waraxe with a braided soft leather haft, a gold hilt black glaes claidhmore and a saw-toothed blood red invar claidhmore

Accomplishments: hmm..I'm a healer that trains in both edged and twohanded weapons, a Legend, and managed to get a smooch from a certain ranger from wayside.

Comments: Princess of the Gash

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