The Tale of Aronious Danteny

Sitting at the bleeding heart table, located in the inn known as Wayside, you sit there, staring at your ale, patiently awaiting the coming of the man you’ve heard so much about. You’ve heard him called all manner of names, including murderer, thief, egotistical, and dishonorable. Those being the worst of the lot, but by no means the best. Many call him friend, a few have called him lover, and husband, and an even more select few have called him hero. Some have called him savior. The wolf clan calls him The Hellion.

Hearing some ruckus from the main parlor room, you look up from your ale and see a dark figure approaching the table, a hooded cloak pulled over his face. You know who your eyes are set upon, Aronious Danteny. As he approaches your table, he pushes the hood of his cloak back onto his shoulders and stares at you with his piercing blue eyes. You feel almost as if he is gazing into your soul, you sit up straight in your chair, no longer as relaxed as you were.

By looking at Aronious, you are able to tell he is proud oh himself, his heritage and his family. He is adorned in Faendryl antiquities, and carries himself with a mannerism that is rarely seen nowadays.

“Good eve” he says as he pulls out the chair adjacent to you and sits down. “I was told by my sister Jypsie to meet you here, so that you might gather information about me to add to the Clan’s records.” At that, he smiles pleasantly, adjusts himself in his seat, and continues on. “What is your name?”

“Isonlore” you say in an almost impish voice.

“Pleased to meet you” he counters immediately. ”I’m not sure why ya need ta hear this from me, Jypta and Jypsie know my history as well as I! Although, I’m always willing to tell a good story to anyone who’s willing to pay attention. Ya gonna pay attention?” He says with a big grin on his face, practically going from pointed ear to pointed ear.

“Aye” you bluntly state.

Aronious nods to you in satisfaction.

“Ok, lemme start off like this then. Our father Sterling Angeliqan was a powerful Faendryl warlock, our mother, a half elf by the name of Tanitia Calbot, was a very praised empath. They both resided in the area of Icemule Trace. They thought it to be a good home to rear their children, Jypta, Jypsie, Danelo, Minthe, Mordlin, Maichette and I. As you’ve probably noticed, I took after my father. If you are interested in my fathers and mothers histories, I’d suggest ye ask Jypta, for she remembers the stories they told far better than I. We had lived a peaceful enjoyable life, Jypta was always off exploring, my other siblings were always trotting around the lands somewhere. But On one fateful day in The Year of Shadows, all that we knew, was destroyed.” At the last word, Aronious turns his gaze to the side, then faces you again.

“What happened” you ask, genuine concern in your voice.

“The most unexpected thing that could happen, happened. A Massive invasion force of orcs and kobolds among other, more dangerous beasts, led by a huge Orclord descended upon the town of Icemule. I was sitting atop a hill, from where I was I could see the South Gate of mule. Thinking I saw something, I ran off the hill, down into a gully. Never finding what I saw, after a while I went back to the top of the hill. What I saw before me, was amazing. Lightning flashed across the sky, the massive gates were ablaze, and there were thousands of things moving all along the perimeter of the town. Not knowing what to do, I rolled down the hill, trying to get to town in much haste. Unknowingly I was headed right towards a rock. I’m assuming my head hit the rock, fore I don’t remember too much. The next thing I remember, is waking up in the back of a cart that was traveling as fast as the ice would allow. Next to me sat a girl of my own age. I sat up, my head throbbing. She told me to lay down, but I resisted. The girl told me of the invasion of the trace. She told me of the massive destruction that befell. She told me of a great magic user that teleported out into the midst of the battle to help defend the town, but had been overwhelmed and perished, his life ending in a massive explosion. I realized then, that I would never see my father again. A great shadow passed over me at that time. I had no idea where I was going, having never explored out this far. And these peasants whose cart I was riding in, obviously wouldn’t turn back, fear driving them as fast as they could go. I remember nothing after that.” Aronious’ facial expression grows even more somber.

“I woke up in the same cart, by the same girl, travelling through a strange, unfamiliar town. The girl told me that this was Whenimers Landing. I had heard of this place before from my sister Jypta, and passing travelers, but never actually been here before. All around me people were running everywhere, yelling things, casting spells and doing all sorts of other business. The cart eventually stopped under a large tree in the center of town. I quickly leapt off the cart and looked around, not knowing what to do or where to go. The girl whom I rode with stood beside me. I had nowhere to go and she knew that. I found through asking that she was also unfamiliar with this town, and had no family here either. Her name was Callalily. Through asking questions of the locals I found an inn where we could stay, although our combined silvers would not last us more than a fortnight in this town. Callalily and I spent all of our time together. We hunted, slowly learning how to skin and sell the pelts for silvers, occasionally hunting some kobolds or lesser orcs and gaining silver and equipment that way. Killing those beasts always gave me great satisfaction. Over time Calalilly and I decided to wed. My best friend Wulfgar was to be our witness. The three of us were a tightly knit group, spending time together always, living in the same shanty. I held much love for them both.” Smiles slightly, obviously remember some grand experience.

“A week before Callalily and I were to be wed, she got a bit overconfident and stepped foot onto the glacier with Wulfgar accompanying her. I was not with them this day, because I was in desperate search for the best ring I could get her with the silvers I had, and knowing the merchants in this town, they are all way overpriced. I was bartering with a the gem store owner of the price of a moonstone wedding ring, when I suddenly fell to my knees. I couldn’t open my eyes, all I was able to see was an image that will forever be in my head. That image is of Callalily and Wulfgar both laying on the blood-splattered snow of the glacier, at the feet of a group of Frost Giants. I immediately threw down the silvers, drew my sword and shield, and as fast as I could, ran towards the glacier. I arrived at the area that I thought them to be at. They were gone, all that was left was a few loose items that had fallen from pouches, and the blood-soaked snow where their bodies had lain.”

“For weeks after that, I sat alone, mourning, wondering why everything I loved in life, always ended up dying. From that point on, my life changed forever. A fire burned within my soul, all I could think of was revenge and death. Friends were not something that I had, nor wanted. I turned into a brigand, robbing folk on their way into town, slaughtering any who crossed me. All I was able to see was black. That is...until one day. I was hunting for marks in kobolds, and I came upon someone whom I could not make myself rob. I saw a woman that looked strangely familiar. You see, it had been a long time since my days in the trace. But somehow, I knew, that the woman that I saw was my sister, Jypta. I kept this to myself however, and revealed myself from hiding. I created some small talk. I could see in her eyes that she recognized me immediately. For the first time in ages it seemed, I was able to see. What I saw before me was love, something that I never thought I’d see again. Before she could say my name, I ran up to her and gave her a bear hug.” Aronious grins mischievously as he says that.

“She was quite surprised, as was I. Finding her at that point in my life is probably why I’m still alive today, you see, the path which I was on was most destructive. We went back into town, and upon our arrival many of my brothers and sisters were there to greet us. It was a tremendously exciting occasion. All my siblings had been reunited again. Shortly thereafter however, I grew uncomfortable with being so confined, I missed my days of adventuring. Over the years I had turned into somewhat of a loner. So I said farewell to my family and new friends that I had gained, and set off to seek adventure and fortune in the wilds, along with something else that I hadn’t had in a long time...” As his words trail off, he looks into the mug of ale that was just placed before him by an ale wench, and stares dazedly into it.

“I won’t go into the exact details of that particular venture, but obviously, I

returned, and in one piece. Maturity and knowledge is what I gained. I returned after a year er so. Upon my return, my family and friends greeted me happily. My days were mostly made up of hunting and drinking ale with friends at this very inn. I started to make a fortune by picking boxes, a skill I had refined over the years. The hearthstone porch was where I usually spent my days of picking. Upon that porch I met my first wife, Carren. We stayed married for just a short time. I was too adventuresome a spirit to be held down at the time by someone who didn’t want me to be myself. So that marriage ended fairly quickly. During my marriage to Carren, I met a wonderful woman by the name of Liannah. Whilst my wife was away, her and I spent much time together hunting and talking. She was a free spirit much like myself. A love like I’ve never felt before slowly grew between Liannah and I. We decided to marry. When, we didn’t know. Well, we actually still don’t have a date set for the wedding. After our engagement began, I decided to venture out into the wildlands again, having just lost my title was most discouraging to me, and I needed some excitement. This time around I was gone for a little less then a year. During my travels I’ve learned much of the lands, of life, and of love. Things that I will never forget, and that have helped me immensely in finding out the direction in which I want to take my life. So, here I am, having returned less than a month ago, I’m doing well. My fiancée Liannah and I are to be wed soon. Life is good.”

“Wow, quite the interesting story Aronious. Ye’ve been through a lot.” You say, a look of sympathy in your eyes.

“Aye, I have, and I’m a much stronger person for it. But feel no sympathy for me friend Isonlore, for I have gained more knowledge than many would guess throughout my life, and am glad to have gone through the experiences that I did, for if the past was to be changed, I would not be here now, with my friends, family, and my fiancée.” He finishes that up with a wink.

“I must be going now, the world outside does not stop for us, and there are many things to be done!.”

At that, you watch Aronious Stand up with cat-like grace, bow, and work his way through the crowded parlor towards the door, and you just barely notice him lift a coin purse from a patron on the way out the door.

~ Aronious DAnteny ~
“The Hellion”

Copyright © written by Justin Simas

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