Lord Amgard

Dated Dec 24th, 1998

Once again, Sarianah hits the road, quill and parchment in hand and on her way to interview another of the clan's council members. Finally she meets up with Amgard, the rangerly type. He agrees to an interview, thank heavens, and here are the results...

Amgard is a ranger of 30 trainings. He has Hazel eyes, tanned skin, and shoulder length curly dark brown hair.

Amgard had reached 12 trainings way back when, and he decided that things were not as they should be, that he could much better himself. He started anew, this time with some help from Lady Madrona, a Lady in every sense of the word from what I know of her. She coached him along and taught him the ways of a ranger, helping him be all that he could be. ;)

Swaggering around the catacombs one day... he came across this lil dead rogue lying at the bottom of the well, not even a weapon to her name. He came to her rescue, and ... can anyone guess who this lil rogue was? At the time, he says, he was still skinning for that dark sort of figure with a name like a famous bear we know. He has since devoted his life to Voln, although he admits that it is a slow process.

Amgard earned his title last summer, so Madrona's teachings must have paid off. ::wink:: Springtime brought his marriage to that same rogue he found at the bottom of the well, Twoflame.

For hunting pleasures, Amgard chooses trees, or pookas if properly spelled up. He also has been helping his niece title.

His favorite things about the game seem to be the friendships he's formed, hunting and NOT dying (his words). He doesn't like the way the weather freezes and you end up dead, or the way GMs keep tweaking the critters until it's hard to hunt your own level. He'd like to see the experience system set to where every critter has a set experience for any player who killed it, regardless of age, with older critters giving more experience. He would like to have other ways of gaining experience besides the hunting that would apply to all characters.

Amgard's advice to new players would be to find a good players guide and learn the basic commands... then find an older one who doesnt mind being a bit of a mentor. What not to do?... 'try not to be annoying a bad rep is hard to live down not all are as sweet and tolerent as I am... grin.'

As for future goals, he's like to master in Voln, and basically, to be the sort of player who, once gone, someone would say Hey, that Amgard, he was a nice guy, he helped me out once.

The Player behind the Character

John, Amgard's player, had been married for 16 years, been a paramedic for 18 and an RN for 8. (Very busy guy here). He's into alternative medicines and herbs (the healing kind folks). He has played RPing games for around 18 years, and had a player in D & D named Amgard before he decided to play GemStone.

I enjoyed the interview, it's amazing what you find out about people when you talk to them one on one! With this... Sari gathers her quill and parchment and starts back down the dusty road to home.

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