Lady Kullani Telepathy



I am Kullani Telepathy, Daughter Of Lady Jypta & the late Lord Joog Robust, Widow of the Late Jarod Telepathy. I Am what some may call a Warpath. I have the healing abilities of my Aunt Jypsie and the Strength and desires of a warrior like that of my father, Lord Joog.  

What? No Sorcery? Nae, No Sorcery for me. For some unknown reason i never perceived the gift of magic like that of my mother, nor did i have the desire for magic as i was growing up. I, like my father, live by the sword. I have his strength and agility to fend off any evil creatures who stand in my way.

My father was killed when i was 6 years of age.  He was in a duel with an old friend of my mother's, that ended his life. My father and this man, Thoryn Elvsquin both loved my mother and there was a deep hatred between the two men because of it. My father would whisper to Thoryn and taunt him about how he had Mother and Thoryn would lose her forever.

Finally one morning when mother and i were still sleeping, My father, while out on his usual early morning hunt, had run into Thoryn in the wilds and taunted Thoryn his very last time. Thoryn could hold back nomore, They drew their swords and began dueling. My father drew first blood by striking Thoryn's face with his Khopesh, which is the scar you see til this day over Thoryn's right eye and cheek.

Thoryn, leaving him there to die and realizing what he had done,  ran into the mountains and was not seen or heard from for over a year. My father, using all the strength he had left in him, barely made his way back home to us.

When Mother opened the door, he was leaning against the doorway, trying to hold himself up, and finally collapsed in mother's arms.

His last words to her were...


Mother knew and feared this day would come and it changed her life completely. Mother has never been the same since. Til this day mother places a black rose on father's grave every morning and some people say she is found whispering to someone who isn't there.

I do my best to help mother but sometimes i feel she doesn't even know me because of the daze she is in. Mother's oldest and dearest friend, Lord Drizzsdt, has been there for her and has been helping her overcome this tragedy. He is the only one who can. I pray soon that mother will recover and be her old self again and with Drizzsdt's help, i have faith that she will be.

I am proud to be the daughter of Lord Joog, He was a very brave Warrior and i miss him very much. I have forgiven Uncle Thoryn since then but I will never forget my father laying there in mothers arms covered in father's blood.

Rest in peace father.

I love Elanthia and I am proud to be among the many who defend her from those who try to destroy her. I have many friends and family in the lands, but my best friend and future husband is Lord Ironnkevinn. We both have been away for sometime on other adventures but now that we both have returned, we will soon be together again.

I Love my family very much and will always be there when they need me. Family means alot to me and i would do anything for them as i would do anything for my friends. Don't mess with my family or you will answer to me....

::Kullani tilts her sword as the light from the sun glistens brilliantly on the blade::

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