The Coming Of Bloodlost and Shallafi

...The two sisters were on the move. Home after all those years only to find destruction and death raging the lands. Death stalked them at every turn. Yet they still persued thier goal. After all who couldn't when it's the only thing left to live for.

::Front Gate's Weinheimers Landing::

The war had been waging on for 8 months and four days of the Elanthian Calendar. Still there seemed no end to the undead forces laying seige to the lands. Mighty warriors fought to protect their home land. Only to find out they were fighting a losing battle. Hope was in the hearts of every man and lady. It was one thing that kept them still fighting. Two sisters had returned from the far off isle of Teras to do their part in protecting the homeland they loved so dear.

Jypta: Jypsie watch out!

Turning just in time Jypsie caught a flash of steel and then heard a tremendous scream from the mouth of a zombie king who's head then exploded at the last minute.

Jypsie: Thank you sister I owe you one.

Jypta: We must retreat we cannot hold off the undead for long by ourselves. Let us make haste and flee from here.

Jypsie nodded hesitantly. Then the two sisters ran, for it would do neither good to die that day. After what seemed like hours they reached the end of the battle field and leaped into the closing town gates.

Jypsie: Wheew we made it!

Jypta: Yes we did. I didn't think we had it in us for that sprint.

Jypsie: Well we're safe for now, but something must be done or we surely will parish like the many before us if the undead break through that gate.

Jypta: That is exactly why we must move quickly. Remember our first goal is to find our family. We must know that everyone is safe.

Jypsie: Aye, It sure will be good to see even just one of them again. Even if it isn't in the best of conditions.

Jypta and Jypsie started walking down the North Ring road, heading to their favorite resting spot of Friths Inn. They came upon the inn and entered. They were amazed to see that even with time's the way they were that Friths was still the same. The friendly clerk behind the dest bowed in respect and ushered them to a table. Jypta and Jypsie curtsied in return and sat down.

Jypta: The first thing to do is the obvious. Let us try the amunet and see if we can find any leads from anyone. I'm almost possitive Sharleigh is in the landing. It was not long ago that she sent word to us on Teras of what had transpired here. I hope we have not gotten here too late for her sake, and for ours.

Jypsie: Sharleigh is a fighter. She won't have gone down easily I'm sure we will find her in time.

Jypta's face turned pale as she stared straight at Jypsie.

Jypta: Maybe we'll find her sooner then you think. Turn on your amunet and listen.

::The ears of the Amunet::

Sharleigh: Fellow citizens of the landing. I am thinking to you of a dire emergency. The undead have violated the sanctuary of Voln and attacked the holy grounds. They were unable to break into the sanctuary itself but achieved conciderable damage to our army resting here. Please help we can't hold out for long!

Jypta/Jypsie: Sharleigh! We're coming hold out as long as you can!

::Back at Friths::

Jypsie: There is no time to waste! we must make it to voln. I shall fog us to Sharleigh now that i know where she is. Are you prepared sister.

Jypta: Ready as always. Lets go!

Jypsie gestured a phrase of magic and the world shifted around her and Jypta. Suddenly a fog surrounded them and when it was gone they stood in a vast array of death...

::Up the road from Voln Courtyard::

Jypsie gasped. Jypsie: We're too late! Where is Sharleigh!

They heard the clash of steel from down the silent path. Glancing in that direction Jypta and Jypsie dashed off toward the sound. When they got to the source of the sound they stopped dead in their track. They might not have been too late after all. For it was Sharleigh doing battle with a Vrael Warlock.

Warlock: Puny mortal! Do you think your steel can defeat one such as I?

Sharleigh: You boast Warlock. Thy steel has cut much more and much less then ye! Die!

Sharleigh swung a graceful arc at the Warlock, but alas.....she was no match. The longsword bounced off the shield surrounding the Warlock and landed uselessly on the ground.

Warlock: Now it is you who boasts! For you death shall come slowly!

With that the Warlock gestured at Sharleigh. Sharleigh screamed loudly and fell to the ground in a massive heap.

Jypsie: No!!!! Sister!!

Jypta: I shall avenge! Warlock feel you so lucky as to try that with me?

Warlock: It will be my pleasure. One more death is just the same as a hundred.

Jypta: Then stop the talk and show me your strength!

The Warlock howled his battle cry and charged at Jypta. Leaping in the air he gestured a phrase of magic. Suddenly he was a blur of movement that was beyond anything possible. Jypta was ready for this. At the last moment before the blur reached her, she rubbed the glaes amulet around her neck. Suddenly a burst of wind blew threw the area and caught the Warlock in the air. The Warlock was sent bounding backwards stunned. The wind also gave Jypta one more advantage. It knocked off the Warlocks air wall.

Jypta: Now foul being go back to death and tell your master he's next.

Jypta gestured at the warlock and in a flash of light he was gone. Turning around she went to kneel beside Sharleigh along with her sister Jypsie.

Jypta: Sister you are avenged.

Sharleigh: My sisters. You have come. There is much that I must tell you. I'm dying. I know it and i accept my fate. No Jypsie it is not a wound that you can heal for the Warlock has destroyed my spirit and im afraid its far beyond your repair. Also the clerics are out fighting for our homelands as you should be. Let me die but in my last moments make me a promise.

Jypsie: Anything! Sharleigh don't die! Your the strongest of us three!! You can't die!

Jypta: Jypsie she speaks the truth. She is beyond Mortal repair. Let's listen to her request.

Sharleigh: Jypta you always were the wise one. And Jypsie you always had the strong will of our family. Therefore I know you will fulfill your promise. In the time we have been parted I have had yet another child. His name is Bloodlost. When the Undead came upon this sanctuary my first decision was to hide him in safety. Go...swim across the spring at the side of Voln's courtyard. On the other side safely tucked under some bushes lay Bloodlost. Raise him for me please. This is what i ask of you. Find him and take him to Shallafi so Shallafi will know of what has happened. These brothers should be together. Shallafi is in training at the mage academy. He knows not of the war for he has been in isolation from the rest of the world. This is what i ask of you.

Jypsie: So you have asked....and so shall it be done my sister.

Jypta: So have you asked....and so shall it be done my sister.

Sharleigh: Thank you. At least i can rest in peace knowing my bloodline is safe. I love you sisters. Never forget that.

Sharleigh closed her eyes and then she died. Jypsie began weeping and pulled the dead body of her sister into her arms. Then Jypta slapped Jypsie on the back of the head!

Jypta: Stop that Jypsie! It is not her wish that you hold onto her. She is lost to us in body but is still with us in soul. We have a promise to keep and i intend on keeping it!

Jypsie: How can you be so calm? Our sister has died!

Jypta: ::Sigh:: Hasn't your empathic training taught you anything at all? You know that life must end sometime. It was her time...let her be. Now as for me I go for the child. I shall keep my promise.

Jypsie: You are right. Let us go.

::Voln Courtyard::

So the two set off up the path and within minutes came upon the Courtyard. It lay filled with bodies of dead and undead alike. Jypta spied the spring near the herb garden at the side. Walking over that direction she cast the water walk spell upon herself. Jypsie waited quietly at the shore. Jypta had crossed and exactly like Sharleigh had said there lay bushes at the other side. Under which one had what she was looking for. A giantman baby slept under the bush. He was calm as if at peace. Jypta gazing back to make sure her sister Jypsie had not followed slowly began to cry.

Jypta: Bloodlost I loved your mother so much. I shall raise you strong as my own. Come, we will find your brother Shallafi and let him know what has gone on. You are such a beautiful child. You have your mother's eyes. ::sigh:: Those eye's will be haunting me for a long time to come.

Picking Bloodlost up gently Jypta cleaned her face of any signs of tears. Then turned and started walking back across the water.


The assault on voln turned out to be Vrael's undoing. The citizens of the landing rallied together and in force banished the forces of Vrael from their lands for the time being. Two months after Voln was attacked Vrael fell defeated and retreated. Jypta and Jypsie parted company for awhile. Jypta stayed behind in the landing to take care of Bloodlost. They both agreed it was not good for him to be traveling at such a young age. Jypsie set out on her quest to find Shallafi. Months past by and the landing slowly was returning to normal. Then one day when Jypta was outside reading to Bloodlost, Jypsie returned with a teenage half elven boy in tow. The sisters ran to embrace each other and then after greetings were done Jypta turned to face Shallafi.

Jypta: So boy. You have grown I see. You were but a little babe when i last laid eyes on you. Come give me a hug!

With that Jypta and Shallafi embraced. The three and the baby went inside to talk of what had happened in the past months. After time Shallafi and Jypta grew close to each other. One day Shallafi called Jypta mom. Jypta smiled and said she wouldn't have it any other way. Jypsie shortly returned to the isle of teras where she was needed. Jypta stayed behind to raise Shallafi and Bloodlost. She personally trained Shallafi in the way's of magic though couldnt teach him to his full potential since he was a wizard and she a Sorcerer. Shallafi went back to wizard school on the promise that he would return as soon as he was a full fledge wizard. On Bloodlost's 10th birthday he was sent to rogue school. Jypta realized his talent at hiding and stalking so decided he be such.

Years had passed Shallafi completed his training as a wizard and Bloodlost was in his last year of his rogue apprenticeship. Then War threatened the lands again and Jypsie was forced to return from the isle of teras and the two sisters were together again. Bloodlost and Shallafi were of age to be on their own and the four parted company. Shallafi and Bloodlost went one way. Jypsie and Jypta went off the other. But all of that is another story.........

to be continued....?

© story written Aug 11th, 1998 by V. Scott  Apple AKA Bloodlost

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