Rozalee DeLapin-DreamServant

Mate: Maricc DreamServant

About You: Im an empath, member house sovyn and married to my one true love, Maricc

Appearance: I have red hair, green eyes, Im kinda on the tall side (guess thats normal for a giantkin) and Im generally scarred up a bit but thats ok, Im happy I
can help out others!

Family: my papa, Mikill Casagold, found me wandering alone and took me under his wing (Thanks papa!!)

Home: Maricc and I have a lovely little home at Cothinar Gardens, Gardenia Lane

Age: (not trainings)56 <whimper>

Profession: empath and trouble maker <grin>

Favorite Hunting Area: I kinda like it up at Pinefar at the moment, its nice and quiet there and the people who frequent there are so nice!

Weapons: You are holding an ancient glaes khopesh with a soulstone encrusted pommel in your right hand and a soot-covered krodera shield in your left hand.

Accomplishments: Ive made many friends and very few enemies, I help others when I can and if I cant help them, direct them to the right folks.

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