Warrior Tricks
Warrior Tricks

By Lord Drizzsdt

Weapon flip

wtrick wflip
Flip weapon in the air and catch it.


wtrick Guzzle
Drink more while spending less time drinking


wtrick tsheath
Twirl your weapon and sheath it.

Weapon Hop

wtrick hop
Hop over your weapon.

Weapon Spin

wtrick spin
Spin your weapon about.
You must have a weapon (preferably pole arm, staff but any weapon will do) in right hand and the other hand empty.


wtrick appraise
Estimate your opponent's (player, NPC, or critter) combat worthiness.


wtrick balance
Balance a weapon on an appendage (+165).
(in order): Palm, Finger, Foot, Chin, Nose
Each time you learn a new balance, you will learn a new body part.
Palm, 0

Finger -10

Foot -50

Chin -85

Nose -120

While balancing you cannot look, think, smile, talk, or change stances.
Others cannot whisper to you or cast most spells on you while doing this.
Type STOP to stop your act quickly,
but doing so may mean doing that balance over to count
and will disband you and close your group.


wtrick spit
Send a mucus missile at your opponent (+165).
First note, watch who and what you spit at.
I doubt the constable will take kindly to it, and you may end up behind bars.

Places to aim:

Shirt 0

Feet -10

Left or right foot -30

Left or right hand -50
(for empty hands) to -75 (for actually hitting what they're holding)

Face -80

Left or right eye -130

Subtract 25 points from any of these if the target is not in your group


wtrick juggle
Throw weapons around without getting cut (+165).
Be careful with this one, it will disband you and close your group.
And while juggling you cannot look, think, smile, talk, or change stances.
Others cannot whisper to you or cast most spells on you while busy.
You can type STOP to stop your act quickly,
but doing so may mean doing that juggle over to count.


wtrick feint
A maneuver to confound your opponent (+165).
This will attempt to fool with a feint of your blade.
Similar to twitching to the left then running to the right.
It is level based, so roltons will prove to be easier then titans.


wtrick backflip
Heels over head (+165).
You start easy, doing little cartwheels with your blade,
but as you rank you will be doing several in a row to show of a little more.


wtrick polish
Put a nice shine on a weapon or shield.
Add a temporary shine to weapons and some shields. You may have a hard time finding objects to polish, but I believe daggers work good, I've seen alot of shiny daggers in the guild.


wtrick draw
Bring out your nearest weapon.

Stance perfection

wtr sperf
Perfect your stance by 5%.
Normally stance is adjusted by 20% increments. With Stance perfection, you can go in between stances in 10% increments. Later on, you'll get Sperf2, which allows you to adjust in five percent increments.


wtr initial
Cut the air with your initials.


wtr roll
Tuck and roll to the left or right.
You quickly crouch down to the ground and roll to the right/left, then spring to your feet, ready for action! Sounds neat...looks neat, but not very useful. As you advance, your roundtime for this skill decreases from about ten seconds to about two seconds.


wtr sattack
Fly into battle while spinning in the air.


wtr tslice
Toss a food item in the air and annihilate it.
Hold a weapon and an edible, and you'll toss the food in the air and slice it into tiny bits before it hits the ground. Tarts seem to be used more oft then most

Catch sheath

wtr catchs
Throw weapon in the air and catch it in a sheath.
Much lick twirl-n-sheath, but you toss the weapon up in the air and position your body just right so that it lands perfectly in your sheath.


wtr haircut
Harm one hair on your opponent's body.
You'll swing your weapon just inches above someone's helm, or whatever the person happens to be wearing on their head. If nothing is worn, you'll lash out and cut off a hair.

Kick Sheath

wtr ksheath
Kick a weapon into the air and catch it with a sheath.
You place the weapon on your foot, pause to visualize the stunt, and kick it into
the air. Then you watch as it falls and position your body just right so that it lands in your sheath.

Make Sheath

wtr sheathm
Make your own sheath in the Guild workshop



Bertrandt's Bellow
Yertie's Yowlp
Gerrelle's Growl
Seanette's Shout
Carn's Cry
Horland's Holler

*You can ask a fellow Warrior how to perform these warcries.



clean floor.....pull rake.....get leaves.....rub armor......prune hedge.... etc....


To learn how and where to perform these tricks and tasks, you can speak with a GuildMaster, ask a fellow warrior or being the brave warrior that you are, find out yourself. :)

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