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First row, is the oldest form of that thing, the last row, is the newest, rows go left to right. These "nouns" or "adjectives" whichever they possibly can be, may still be usable with altars, I'm still not sure but you can always ask the person doing the altars. I highly doubt anything from the first row will be allowed, I'm lead to believe these are the ice-age terms of the thing. Like Kreogra is the ice-age metal, which is now Krodera. They may no longer allow these total changes to make the item appear that, but its possible they may allow it as a show, like..The Black cloak is embroidered with two warriors, both possessing large Kreogra axe's, male and female are shown here, hands clasped as if they were very close. (End discription) .

Now I pulled that description outta my hat, I've never seen that before in my 3 years here in elanthia, so dont go thinking theres stuff made like this. And this will go to show, any weapons sold on the amunet stated as Ice-age, are wrong.   Its posslbe the weapon was originally from the ice-age, but no matter what the metal of it HAD to be changed, you can find the place where they changed ice-age metals, just north of the north gate, I believe its a portal of sorts.

This list contains metals, light gods, dark gods, creatures, races and woods. Please enjoy. I'm unsure if some of these things still exist, like Urnon, I've never seen that metal, so I dont count it as still existing. But it may be.

Thank you, Snoogle McDoogal.


Lysaughton - Lyshalvaon - Urnon

Kregora - Krodera

Keron - Kelyn

Shaalk - Vultite

Laen - Mein - Glaes

Star Iron - Veil Iron

Eog - Ora

Ithloss - Imflass

Mithril - ?

Xenium - Veniom

Galvorn - Golvern

Rularon - Rolaren

Catoetine - Coraesine

Vaanum - Vaalin

Lore - Laje

Xeno - Alum

Ithilnaur - Vaalorn

Dwarven steel - Invar

McGrail - Urglaes

Neurolite - Razern

Boernerine - Zorchar

Elrodnite - Rhimar

Fabrinine - Drakar

Inniculmoid - Gornar

(New) Eahnor

(New) Faenor


Windak - Modwir

Tonak - Tanik

Miran - Monir

Dir - Fel

Hoen - Haon

Navaal - Maoral

Thokot - Thanot

Dark Gods

Inis - Ivas

Orgiana - Eorgina

Andaras - Andelas

Z'Taar - V'tull

Scalu - Sheru

Klysus - Luukos

Moralis - Mularos

Kesh'ta'kai - Fash'lo'nae

Morgu - Marlu

Omir - Onar

Zania - Zelia

Akalatan - Amasalen

Hrassk - Arachne

Askylor - Aldemur

Valtar - Volnar

Karamon - Carelin

Trandel - Drevthrel

Faeldin - Folthren

Kadaena - Gosaena

Light Gods

Eissa - Lorminstra

Iloura - Imaera

Valris - Lumnis

Kuor - Koar

Phaon - Phoen

Oriana - Oleani

Reann - Ronan

Cay - Kai

Shaal - Charl

Jaysek - Jastev

Kieron - Cholen

Teris - Tonis

Vult - Voln

Iorak - Eonake

Jaynor - Jaston

Neela - Niima

Quen - Kuon

Talaraine - Tilamaire

Laia - Leya


Tatzelwurm - Cave Nipper

Torkaan - Rolton

Barrow wight - Tomb Wight

Hrasskian Servant - Arachne Servant

Hrasskian Acolyte - Arachne Acolyte

Hrasskian Priest - Arachne Priest

Deathwoode - Darkwoode

Ghoul king - Ghoul Master

Shadow Assassin - Dark Assassin

Wight Lord - Arch wight

Karnelin - Velnian

Gemsting - Whiptail

Threk - Thrak

Black stalker - Dark Shambler

Zephyr Hound - Draken Hound

Dark Wispling - Dark Vysan

Bounder - Leaper

Scalian Herald - Sheruvian Harbinger

Sea witch - Greater Kappa

Huge Laen Golem - Huge Mein Golem

Sohleugir Lizardman - Shelfae Soldier

Krylite Worker - Kiramon Worker

Sohleugir Chieftain - Shelfae Chieftain

Kral Warfarer - Krolvin Warfarer

Kral Warrior - Krolvin Warrior

Kral Mercenary - Krolvin Warrior

Kral Mercenary - Krolvin Mercenary

Minor Gogor - Lesser Vruul

Lug'shuk Traglaakh - Magru

Dyar Rakul - Dark Vortece

Kiskaa Raax - Myklian

Striped Veercat - Mountain Snowcat


High man - Giantman

Wood Elf - Sylvankind

Fair elf - Elf

High elf - Dark Elf

Half elf - Half elf

Halfling - Halfling

Dwarf - Dwarf

Common Man - Human

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