The Temples & Shrines of Elanthia

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·» Wehnimer's Landing

·» Arachne's Temple :: Spider Temple

[Spider Temple, Entrance]

You come upon the entrance to the Great Temple of Arachne, the Spider Goddess, whose fearsome likeness provides the plan for the layout of the temple. Set above the ironbound oaken doors leading into the forbidding black basalt structure are eight moonstones arrayed in dual rows of four. Representing eyes, they seem to glare down at you with evil intent and a peculiar, insatiable greed. Obvious paths: southeast.

·» Gosaena's Alter :: Wehnimer's Landing, Graveyard

[Underbarrow, Dead End]

A low altar made of grey stone sits against the far wall of this cul-de-sac. The markings that once covered it have long since been obscured by spiderwebs and ice, leaving the god it once honored a mystery. Gnawed bones sit haphazardly about it, perhaps gifts to appease the forgotten deity. A chill breeze stirs the air, tickling over your skin. Obvious exits: east.

look altar

The altar is made of the same grey stone that comprises the walls of the room. Faint and unreadable markings cover the surface, obscured by webbing and ice.

·» Imeaera's Temple :: Lysierian Hills

[Lysierian Hills, A Small Shrine]

Though there is no door to shut out the world beyond, a feeling of utter tranquility envelops you here. The richest colors of the forests are everywhere, wrapping you in a blanket of calm and serenity. Heavy woven rugs of dark green and brown cover the floors, and nestle against walls lined with polished mahogany. In the center of the room, a simple stone altar rises up from the midst of a tiny garden of carefully tended, sweetly scented herbs. You also see some ancient tapestries, a jeweled skylight and a simple stone altar with a small carving on it. Obvious exits: out.

·» Kai's Shrine :: Near Wehnimer's Landing

[Shrine of Heroes]

Snow white vultite walls tower high overhead in this eight-sided room, their enormous size dwarfing only slightly the magnificent granite statue that stands in the center of the structure. Softly colored light filters in from huge stained glass windows set into each wall, creating a kaleidoscope of color dancing across the rich grey slate floors.Obvious exits: out.

look statue

A warrior of magnificent size and strength stands proudly in the center of the room.

The heroic figure, carved from a single block of pale grey granite, towers to a height of nearly twenty breathtaking feet. Though his face is youthful, his gaze is that of one who has unflinchingly confronted even the mightiest of foes. One mighty hand clutches a fel-wood spear tipped with gleaming adamantine, raised warily against some unseen foe.

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of this granite god is his left hand. Clenched in a tight fist that betrays both stern inner resolve as well as intense ferocity, you can almost imagine it crushing the last breath out of any enemy.

look windows

Each of the huge windows has been crafted of pure, translucent mein. Sky blue and pale golden panels form an elegant greatsword upthrust in the center of each window, allowing the view from outside to frame the designs.

·» Leya's Shrine :: Near Wehnimer's Landing

[Shrine of Leya, North Niche]

The sound of water dripping into the shrine's pool echoes quietly within the north niche. Only a modicum of light manages to intrude, leaving the imposing figure of "Strength" cloaked in partial shadow. He is turned, and looks back over a thickly muscled shoulder, almost as if he were about to disappear into the niche's wall. The twisted pose of the statuary emphasizes its powerful musculature.  Obvious exits: south, west, southeast, southwest.

·» Marlu's Shrine :: Broken Lands

[Dark Shrine, Chapel]

Here, surrounded by dark frescoes presenting frightening images of terror, foul beasts and macabre rituals, confronted by the huge, ghastly statue that dominates the center of the chamber, the sense of evil is a palpable force that threatens to smother and consume all that it can. Obvious exits: northeast, northwest.

look statue

The statue is large, over twelve feet tall. The central figure is a huge, hideous beast with black skin, leathery wings and large red claws. It stands atop a pile of skulls, surrounded by three smaller figures, with pointed tails, blood red eyes, and small, leathery wings.

·» Luukos' Shrine :: Coastal Cliffs

[Underground, Hidden Wing]

This appears to be a small shrine of some sort. Against the east wall is an altar with tarnished religious symbols on it. The covering is tattered and the three pews here are dry and rotted. For the first time you notice that the thick dust on the floor is punctuated by shallow footprints, leading you to think that this place is not as abandoned as you first imagined. Obvious exits: west.

look altar

The altar stands about waist high and is covered with a tattered cloth. A rotting book holder, tarnished oil lamps and small sacrificial pots hold their place on the altar top.

look page in tome

Upon further examination of the tome you realize that disturbing it in any way would cause the pages to turn to dust. You decide to satisfy your curiosity with just the two pages the book is currently open to.

The ancient script on these pages is faded and barely legible. From the parts that are still readable you derive that this tome contains various rituals which are used in the worship of Luukos. The ritual detailed on these pages appears to call for a blood sacrifice of some kind. You cannot, however, determine exactly what manner of creature is required.

·» Meyno's Shrine :: Thanatoph

[Thanatoph, Vine Covered Shrine]

Stepping into the small stone shrine, you are amazed as neither dust nor dirt nor any of the overgrowth that kept it hidden from outside is present. Echoing the loud hum outside, the walls hum with the flow of ancient power. There is a small opening set above a stone altar, but otherwise the shrine is empty.  Obvious exits: out.

·» Oleani's Temple :: Near Wehnimer's Landing

[Temple, Wedding Chapel]

Stained-glass windows glow like jewels, reflecting the light of the many pure white candles that flicker around the simple altar where couples kneel to exchange their wedding vows. Hand-sewn tapestries depict scenes from married life in rich, colorful detail along the walls. Fresh flowers are brought in each day, and their soft, romantic fragrance fills the small chapel. Obvious exits: out.

·» Onar's Shrine :: Costal Cliffs

[Mossy Caverns, Shrine]

Seven stone monoliths form a crude triangle in this room. Thin beams of wood with glowing vines growing on them have been placed on the top of the stones. The strange canopy and silent stone guardians seem to lend the shrine a dark sense of security. You also see a hewn obsidian altar, a pitch black hole and a narrow stone bridge. Obvious exits: none.

look monolith

The image of a cracked white skull on a field of black has been etched into the stone of the monolith.

·» Ronan's Shore :: Near Wehnimer's Landing

[The Shore of Dreams]

Fel and pine trees crowd close to the shore of an almost perfectly clear pool. A low wall crafted from bright blue Liabo marble surrounds the tiny pond, encircling it in a loving embrace. The gleaming surface of the water is disturbed only by concentric rings drifting away from the waterfall lazily spilling down from an outcropping of rocks overhead. Though the shadows are deep here, an occasional beam of light pierces the darkness, illuminating the vivid colors surrounding you. You also see a faint path.  Obvious paths: none

·» Sheru's Shrine :: Darkstone Castle

[Castle Darkstone, Tower's Top]

The very top of this tower, the only one remaining fully intact to judge from the wreckage strewn far below, is open to the wind and rain and elements. Great powers once strove here, for the massive stones are blackened and charred. In spots the stone has been melted and cooled so that brittle puddles of black glass crunch underfoot. Crowning the battlements, a massive jackal, cast or carved out of the blackest ora, peers down at the surroundings like a brooding monarch above a dead kingdom. You also see a smooth black mein door.  Obvious paths: none.

look jackal

Approximately eight feet in height and fashioned from solid black ora, this is a statue of a Jackal, symbol of the jackal-headed dark god Sheru, Bringer of Night. Around the base of the statue are five elemental symbols, those of fire, earth, air, water, and spirit. A small arrow is etched into the base of the statue, facing the same direction as the jackal. The arrow is currently pointing to the air symbol.

go door

[Shrine of the Jackal]

Once elegant, but now ruined, stained glass windows show this was once a chapel. A smooth slab of obsidian seems to suck up all the faint light that falls upon it, and gives back only darkness. On the slab, in sharp contrast, sits a statue carved of glittering crystal that bends and twists the few glimmers of light left into a mockery of beauty. The question remains as to just what has been worshipped in here of late and you like not the thoughts it stirs. You also see a smooth black mein door. Obvious exits: down.

look on slab

On the obsidian slab you see a crystalline statue.

look statue

The statue, pure crystal, is of a normal looking human whose head is quite abnormally that of a jackal. Inset into the eyes of the jackal head are two sparkling rubies that stare back at you, sending an uncomfortable chill that seems to originate from deep within you.

·» Icemule Trace

·» Amaselan's Shrine :: Outside Icemule Trace

[Ice Plains, Shrine]

The room is lit by dozens of torches and a marble dais is set at the end of the chamber atop a stone altar. The dais has gold and platinum inlays along the top with veins of silver twisted down the supports of the base. Several stools are arranged in rows in front of the altar, with a path large enough to walk down the center of the room to the altar. Behind the dais is a dark alcove with a lifesize statue of Amasalen, servant of Luukos. You also see a tempered rolaren arch.  Obvious paths: none.

look statue

This representation of Amasalen is quite exquisite being fashioned of the purest silver. Amasalen, in his elven form, has a lean muscular build with piercing eyes. His pupils are mere slits and the image that comes to mind is that of a reptile. His face is cold and his expression is grim as he holds out his hands to watch over the altar. Blood continually drips from his fingers but never seems to touch the floor of the altar before it disappears.

look altar

The altar is made from large stone blocks fitted together so tightly that the cracks between each block are barely noticeable. Several small pools of blood have formed around the dais. The blood does not look fresh, but doesn't appear to have dried up at all.

look arch

The arch is made from pure rolaren with archaic runes etched in gold along the entire border. Several images depicting Amasalen are evident as well.

·» River's Rest

·» Aeia's Temple

[Infirmary, Temple]

Silence and serenity reign in this oblong room. On a table beside the arched doorway are a matching silver basin and goblet, now tarnished with age. The tattered remains of woven prayer mats are aligned in front of a faded tapestry. In the center of the room is a perfectly circular pool of still water.  Obvious exits: north.

look basin

The image of lilies in bloom is engraved around the lip of the tarnished silver basin. In the bottom of the basin is a small amount of salt.

look goblet

Engraved on the tarnished silver goblet is the image of a lily.

look tapestry

Although badly faded and moth-damaged the tapestry clearly depicts a white lily on a field of green.

·» The Huntress' Temples

[River Tunnels, Ancient Altar]

Having made it past the barrier guarding this room, you are treated to the sight of an ancient altar that dominates most of the available space here. The magic of the barrier appears to have kept this room completely dry, as is evidenced by the musty, ancient smell of the air that has been trapped here for centuries. You feel a bit unsettled here, as if someone is lurking in the shadows ready to strike at your back at any moment.  Obvious exits: none.

look altar

The altar is constructed of an odd black rock, the type of which you have never seen before. It has been carved into the form of a female humanoid with catlike features. As you move about the room, the pointed ears and slitted eyes seem to follow your movements. She holds extended horizontally in her hands a vicious looking scythe, perhaps on which to place offerings. Inscribed in the ancient common tongue on the base of the altar is one word . . . "Huntress".

·» Teras Isle

·» Luukos' Temple

[Luukos' Gullet, Wide Ledge]

By the standards of the "path" below, this ledge is a vast expanse of land stretching a luxurious ten feet in either direction. The heat of the fiery cauldron still brings sweat to the brow, and the fumes choke anyone fool enough to stand. With a start, you notice a huge stone snake head staring at you.  Obvious exits: none.

·» Solhaven

·» Charl's Quay

[Solhaven, Charl's Quay]

Piles of driftwood, obviously pieces of wrecked ships, litter the quay. Several of the boards have names burned into them, proclaiming the ships lost to the fury of the ocean. They do not seem to have been stacked here by humans looking to clean up the beach, but more appear to have been washed here at the will of the sea, or perhaps a greater force looking to clean up the blue waters. Obvious paths: west, southeast.

go west

[Solhaven, Charl's Quay]

A small altar has been constructed here, made of wood from destroyed ships and decorated with chips of coral and tiny pearls. Breakers wash over the monument, as if in reminder of whom it belongs to. Very few offerings have been placed here, and the area shows signs of disuse. A large barnacle-covered trident has been driven into the sand just behind the altar.  Obvious paths: east.

·» Imaera's Temple

[Temple of Imaera, Courtyard]

A myriad of different kinds of trees shade the heads of visitors to this haven of nature's beauty. From the brick-lined path, oak, yew, and hazel trees can be seen, lending an air of quiet magick to the grounds. Small woodland creatures caper about, uncaring that people and civilization lie so close, comfortable in the protection of their lady. You also see an antique copper tub and a brick walkway.  Obvious paths: none.

·» Jastev's temple

[Temple of Jastev, Courtyard]

Grey stone cobbles run the length of the courtyard, meeting the rough protective walls. Small shrubbery and ornamental trees line the interior as gently curve around the edges towards the tower. A small path cuts a more direct route to the entrance past a grand fountain. You also see a high wooden gate.  Obvious paths: northeast, northwest.

·» Kai's Temple

[Kai's Temple, Entrance]

Crimson spidersilk covers the walls, reaching up into the high vaulted ceiling, and hammered silver frames each doorway. Crossed silver spears hang on each wall, each one engraved with runes of strength. You also see some heavy oak doors. Obvious paths: east.

·» Lorminstra's Temple

[Temple of Lorminstra, Courtyard]

A black marble walkway leads southeast from the ebon gate, flanked on either hand by sparkling snowbanks and the random intricacies of naked thrakwood bushes flocked with the white of a clinging snowfall.  Obvious paths: southeast.

·» Oleani's Temple

[Oleani's Temple, Prayer Garden]

On this side of the temple, tall hedges ring a small prayer garden, and white marble benches are scattered here and there for private moments of quiet contemplation. Pink water lilies float in a small pool next to a slate path leading behind the temple. A wooden gate leads to the esplanade, while an arched modwir door leads into the temple. Obvious paths: none.

·» Ronan's Temple

[Temple of Ronan, Gate]

An ornate black gate stands open, welcoming Ronan's followers. An onyx slab engraved with a large silver-edged black sword is centered on each half of the gate, and onyx flagstones form a path through the courtyard.  Obvious paths: west.

·» Elven Nations & Zul Logoth

·» Eonak's Temple :: Zul Logoth

[Temple of Eonak, West Sanctuary]

Towering columns chiseled from the granite rock itself leap upward to support a crystal-encrusted ceiling forty or more feet overhead. Thick, sienna velvet carpeting extends from north wall to south wall in this cavernous sanctuary, and granite benches placed in rows march toward the altar that stands at least a hundred feet to the east. All around, fire billows brightly along a ledge twelve feet up, the licking flames displaying no effect on the russet, woven mithril curtains that adorn the walls. You also see a winding stair and a black metal door.  Obvious exits: east

·» The Huntress' Temples :: Trail to the Nations

[Vipershroud, Shrine]

A single, giant, petrified redwood stands amongst lesser pines and firs. A deep black, onyx tablet displaying an eight-pointed star of pure silver is firmly imbedded in the tree, and a row of small stones, carefully placed end-to-end, encircles the tree. A large bouquet of trumpet flowers and the carcass of a woodchuck have been laid at the tree's base. Interestingly, both offerings seem to be fresh.  Obvious paths: up.

·» Ivas' Temple :: Trail to the Nations

[Temple Entrance]

A closer examination of the temple's walls reveals nature's dual role of destroyer and consoler. Vines have torn apart some of the more delicate carvings, but moss has healed the breaches in the stonework. Friezes of stylized flames and lotus flowers stretch the length of the facade, and the sandstone figure of a woman kneels on the lintel above the entrance of the temple. You also see a carved teak door.  Obvious paths: none.

look figure

The statue leans forward on her knees, her sinuous arms outstretched above you. She has no hands, and her curving arms could as easily be a gesture of denial as the welcoming embrace her faint smile would imply.

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