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Roleplaying in Elanthia

Sorgi's Roleplaying Advice

RPG Tools(1998)

Warble's School of Roleplaying

Ilvane's Roleplaying Guide(2001)

Juspera's Good Ol' Roleplaying Guide(2001)

A Roleplaying Forum(1995)

Setzier's Roleplaying Thoughts(1999)

Roleplaying Advice(1999)

Valentrus' Thoughts on Roleplaying(2000)

Psychology 101 for Roleplayers(1997)

Roleplaying in Elanthia(2001)

Reallia's Roleplaying Rambles new!

Roleplaying Tips - This is a website with tips for all types of RPG's and roleplaying. Find out answers, learn to roleplay, check it out!


Nefi's Complete Roleplaying Guide

Nefi's Main Page - You'll find all the links below on this page

More of Nefi's Guides....

Personal Traits - Direct access to Nefi's Personal Traits Guide

Quirk Chart - Direct access to Nefi explaining the quirks of a character

Personality Generator - What is the personality of your character?

Developing Background & Personality - Does your character have a Past?

I have found that Nefi's Guide has been helpful to many roleplayers in the online world of RPG

Roleplaying Games and Guides

Send me your roleplaying guide here.

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