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Cave of Oookers

By Fostak Lesismore
Fostak glanced around nervously. Swallowing his fear, he slowly approached the cave. He could here the echoes from inside....

"I have another char who's a Wizard, and I also have a Dwarf"

Fostak gasped! Somewhere in the cave they had a poor innocent dwarf trapped! He also knew he should be weary, for somehow they had trapped a Wizard and their magics in a Chair! He could feel the sweat developing on his brow. As he leaned toward the entrance to the cave, something grabbed him! Fostak Screamed!

"Relax Fostak! It is just me Ralath," said Ralath in a calm tone. "I thought you might need some backup"

"I am glad to see you. They have captured a Dwarf in there!" Fostak said frantically. As he said the words, as blank expression ran over Ralath's face.

"Two years ago to this day, my wife disappeared. She was a dwarf, I had always feared the Ookers had kidnapped her, as the last thing I heard was a sounds of brawling and bragging about De'Esez" Said Ralath.

"Oh...I am sorry Ralath. I didn't know..." Fostak said.

"Let's go in there and get them buddy!" Ralath said.

So the two of them crept down a long tunnel, until the entered a huge chamber. Inside, they saw 2 Giantmen who appeared to fighters, and a mystic looking Dark Elf. They we're both shocked. The Ookers were normal people!

"Somehow, they have possesed the bodies of there young travelers" Fostak whispered. Ralath just nodded to him. Suddenly, Fostak slipped and went flying into the chamber!

"Fostak!" Ralath wailed and went charging after his companion. He arrived in time to see Fostak surrounded.

"GIVE ME A BROADSWORD!!!!!!!!" said one Giantman.

"WHERES THE RUNNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Screamed the other!

Fostak winced in pain as the noise hurt his strong Sylvan ears. He dropped to the floor crying out in agony and covering his ears with his hands, but is was to no avail.

"" moaned Fostak, before falling unconius. Ralath dug through his bag. If only he could find something to draw there attention! Then he saw it: A silvery mithril sword. He didn't remember putting it there, but he was glad it was. He raised his sword in triumph! He then threw the sword across the room. The shiny metal of the sword attracted the Giantmen's attention and they both wandered over to it, halting their screaming. Fostak rolled over startled. Ralath splashed some water on his face.

"Are you okay?" Asked Ralath.

"I will be fine. Leave the Mystic to me, just try and find that Dwarf! But be careful of the Wizard Chair!" Fostak instructed. Ralath nodded. Fostak jumped up, and floated over to where the Dark Elf was.

"I do this for your own good. For I know you are possesed and not responsibly for your actions" said Fostak to the Dark Elf. With that, he removed a scroll from his cloak. He crossed his fingers, unscrolled it, and read the words:

Sticky, slimy, smelly goo;

Born of spiders, now stuck to you;

Frozen in thine own right place;

With this spell, I now you encase!

And with the reciting of the spell, a huge mass of webs flew against the Dark Elf, pinning him to the wall. "It worked!" Cried Fostak gleefully.

"Wow you have over 300,000 fame! Said the Dark Elf"

Fostak could already feel the incantation the Dark Elf had said overcoming him.

"You should have been a Dark Elf they make better Sorcerers you should go reroll" recited the Dark Elf.

Fostak was knocked to the floor by the sheer intensity of the words.

"What do they mean!" cried out Fostak. He was not expecting an answer, just releasing pent up rage. Fostak was barely able to move as his touched his amulet. With his last thought, he cried "Help...I am being attacked by Ookers...I need an empath."

Just before his eyes closed, he saw an empath come running through the Hall. "Mishkar..." said Fostak in little more than a whisper.

"I know what I have to do Fostak!" Brilliant energy began to circle around Mishkar. Columns of powers sprung up from the floor. Then, in one swift movement, all met at the Dark Elf. The Dark Elf opened his mouth to scream, but found he was unable to talk. Before the columns completely disappeared, Fostak was lifted up, and the energy flowed into him.

"Thanks Mishkar, I was almost a goner." Said Fostak

"Anytime" said Mishkar with a grin.

Suddenly they both gasped! "The Giantmen!" they said in unison. They turned around to see two Giantmen Fighters breathing down their necks.

"Wow! This Mithril sword adds +5 to my AS" said one Giantman.

"I want it!!!!!!!!" Said the other. So the two proceded to kick and punch each other.

"This is our chance" Fostak whispered. The two slowly crept away.

"STOP!!!!" Cried one giantman.

"I WANT A BROADSWORD TO!!!" Cried the other

"I AM ALMOST LEVEL 5!!!" Said one.

"I AM GOING TO REPORT YOU!!!!" Said the other. Fostak and Mishkar turned to run, only to see a dead end. They were trapped. The two made their last thoughts and prepared to die, when all of the sudden they heard a loud thump!

"It's okay, I am here!" said Ralath. The two sighed with relief. "I didn't find the Dwarf, or the Chair, but we have to escape!" Already the cave was beginning to rumble and rocks were begging to fall. "Someone has placed an artifact of power in there untrained hands! If we don't get out in a few seconds, we will be sucked into a void!" cried Ralath. They began to run near the tunnels.

"We will never make it out this way! You two go, I will hold back the void as long as I can" said Fostak.

"Fostak don't...;" began Ralath.

"GO! Now!" Warned Fostak. Ralath nodded, and the two began to run down the tunnel. Fostak had never dealt with magic of this power before. At least, not alone. HE wasn't sure if he could stop it, or even slow it for that matter. "I have no choice...;" sighed Fostak. Immediately huge balls of fire, ice, earth, and air began circling around him.

Outside, Ralath and Mishkar had made it to safety, and turned their attention back to the cave, hoping any minute to see Fostak come walking out. They both waited in anticipation. But before they say any sign of him, a huge blast, sent them reeling. When they looked up, the cave was in rubble.

"My god...Fostak..." Mishkar mumbled. Neither of them could put into words what they had felt.

"It was to save us son. At least we know he died, protecting what he believed in" Ralath said, trying to comfort his son. At that moment, a huge ball of light could be seen rising from the rubble. It floated on the wind over to Ralath and Mishkar. They looked inside, and saw Fostak's charred and broken body.

"He can live..." said an unknown voice.

"But he must have comfort, and know that his death was not in vain" Said another.

"WE must know that his death was not in vain" said the first. Before he can live, you must both swear to forever protect the just, and educate the young"

"Defeat evil, and crusade against Ookish"

"And then, when he awakes, he must to take the oath."

"Swear your oath, Place your hand on the bubble" They both swore, and placed their hands on the outside of the clear bubble. They could feel burning, and freezing and happiness and sadness being absorbed and reflected into the bubble. Suddenly the casing shattered, and Fostak's now unconsious body fell to the ground.

"Thanks you spirits!" Said Ralath. There was no answer.

The two told him of the spirits and the oath and all they had heard. Fostak agreed to the oath, and the three began the journey home.

"Wait, I have to do something here first" Fostak said. "You two go on ahead, I will catch up." Ralath just nodded and went on his way. Fostak knelt and made a small glowing flower appeared in his hand. He placed the flower on the smoldering rubble. "I know wherever you are, that someday I will find the source of these Ookers. I regret in getting one step closer, I had to kill these three innocents who were possesed.

The flower was absorbed into the ground, and a small stem sprung up. "You are but a small flower now, but one day you can grow to be strong and big. But will it be in a better world? Who knows?" And with that, Fostak began his journey to catch up with the others.

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