The Mechanics of Disarming
By: Kulbaen

Finding traps
disarm skill + trap lore (404) + wisdom bonus + perception skill + trap difficulty + d100 > 100 = success

This formula is only an approximation.
Perception is rumored to have a greater role in actuality.

Disarming traps
disarm skill + wisdom bonus + trap lore (404) + trap difficulty + d100 > 100 = success

It is rumored that having the amunet on is now a negative modifier in disarming equations.

Types of trap

Sliver trap
You'll see a metallic sliver that will poison you if unsuccessfully disarmed. This trap tends to be the easiest trap to disarm and is seen mostly on low-level boxes.
It can be picked around, meaning that many successful picking attempts will not set off the trap, regardless of whether the trap was seen beforehand.

Jaw trap
You'll see either a discolored oval or a pair of bloody jaws.
A failed disarm will cut your hand off and leave it lying on the ground for a while. This also tends to be an easy trap for the box, and is mostly found on low-level boxes. It is supposedly unable to be picked around.

Cloud trap
You'll see a vial of liquid.
This trap will release a cloud into the room capable of injuring everyone--expecially you, stuck in round time.
Can be picked around.

Firecloud/fiery goo/napalm trap
You'll see a vial of fire-red liquid.
This trap is fairly new and hasn't had a common name attached to it.
It used to be a firecloud but now covers the unsuccessful picker in a fiery goo that can be fatal if not attended to.
As for its ability to be picked around, if it remains like the other vial trap in this respect then it can be.

Face basher
The box will seem designed to spring open when the trap is set off.
Finding this trap takes an inordinate amount of time, and tripping it will leave the picker with injuries including two black eyes or worse.
Can be picked around.

Dark crystal
You'll see a dark crystal in the lock mechanism.
When tripped, this trap will suck the box away into thin air, never to return.
Can be picked around.

You'll see what looks like a magical/chemical explosive in the lock.
An unsuccessful disarm will injure everyone in the caster's group.
Cannot be picked around.

You'll see scratches around the lock.
This is one trap many pickers occasionally set off for fun, as it forces the picker into a time rift from which it is a simple matter to find the way out--although it's been reported that it is now possible to die inside the rift.
Cannot be picked around or magically disarmed, and resets after it's been set off.

You'll see a scarab in the lock.
If tripped, this trap will inflict on the picker an extreme amount of poison or disease, often more than 50 per round. If disarmed, the scarab itself falls to the ground where it must be disarmed manually or through certain spells, with various monetary values resulting (scarabs may be sold at the gemshop) for each method. It is rumored that one must have a disarm skill + wisdom bonus of over 150 to have a chance at disarming a ground scarab. It is considered impeccable etiquette to give a scarab back to the picker as a tip. Scarabs can run high on boxes, meaning they approach the top end of traps for that level of box.
Cannot be picked around.

You'll see rods inside the lock.
An unsuccessful disarm will result in a stun, injury or even vaporization, depending on the level of box. They can be picked around but reset after being tripped. Rods also run rather high.

Acid trap
You'll see the word "tumblers" in the trap description.
If set off, this trap will release acid into the lock, melting the pick being used and fusing the box so that it may only be opened by bashing. Acid traps are at the top end for traps.
Cannot be picked around.

The deadliest trap, it incinerates a victim (causing severe injury to every body part, as well as death), cannot be picked around and is at the very top end for traps on a level of box. The easiest to miss, it likely results in the most deaths from picking.

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