Jail, The Constable & You

You're having a bad day and decide to take it out on the towns people by casting a maelstorm, killing a few & injuring many....Before you know it you are whisked off to jail.. and they have stripped you of ALL the belongings on yer person! ...Then the guards drag you to Moothall and you are then standng in the courtroom as they slap an enormous fine on you!

First of all, you should know better than to attack, kill or maim anyone in town or anywhere else for that matter. Killing someone is not an acceptable thing to do in Elanthia. This is just one example of how you will get arrested...You can be thrown in jail for any number of reasons.


The Crimes


Hooliganism -- Most tend to get arrested for hooliganism such as attacking the town Mutt, Flowergirl, WestGate Guard, The Monk and other such mischief... The fine is usually about 200 silvers.

Petty Theft -- Thievery of a fellow resident of Elanthia whether in or out of town is frowned upon by many. If stolen from in town, usually someone ACCUSEs <person> of STEALING to the constable. The fine is usually about 100 silvers.

Theft -- A more serious crime where you have tried to steal from a merchant or shop. The fine is usually about 500 silver.

Assault -- You can get this one by attacking a resident with spells or your fist but not killing them. The fine is usually about 250 silver if ACCUSEd and found guilty.

Assault with a Deadly Weapon -- A more serious crime of assault. This is if you use a weapon of sorts to attack another person but not killing them. The fine usually starts at about 1,000 silver if ACCUSEd and found guilty.

Endangering Public Safety -- Casting any form of area spell like a cloud, tremor, or implosion will land you in jail (even trying to blast open boxes with call lightning). The fine is usually about 5,000 silver.

Murder -- Killing a fellow resident or several residents in town. It doesn't matter how they ended up dying or how long after you had attacked them that they did die. If they die in town, you get arrested, no acceptions. The fine varies here. Nobles tend to end up paying more, but the fine is always high regardless and goes up per victim. EX: Jypta accidentally casted implosion in the catacombs, killing 4.. and being a Noble, the judge was far from leniant...her fine was 2million <cringe>

High Treason Against The State -- Attacking the constable is not a smart idea The fine for attacking the constable is 50,000 silver.


Paying The Fine


When thrown in jail, everything that you were wearing and all else in your containers at the time of your arrest is placed into a box at the constable's office.

When you do go to trial they will give you a one hour time limit from the moment you come before the court..but you may actually only have 30 minutes to get your items back.

Do not take your time trying to pay the fine! To pay your fine you can do one of two things. You can get the silvers if you have them (or borrow from friends) and pay off your debt at the town clerk/bondsman. Or you can go to the bank and try to WITHDRAW and DEPOSIT until the constable steps in to take your silvers away from you.

If you are unable to pay the fine within the given time, Everything in the box is gone forever.

Northwest to the Beginning of Merchant Road and North to Hearthstone and Hearthstone Porch as well other surrounding areas of Northgate are all Jurisdiction of the Constable.

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