Highlighting Can Save Your Life!

by Lord Elsior and Lord Maeglyn

Its been found that the more you highlight the better you are at getting out of problems. Most people highlight their friends, but what about other things?

How to highlight: from your wizard menu hit Configuration, then drop down to Text Strings, click on it, then go to Strings. Hit New, and type in the information you want to highlight. Left-click on the color you want the letters to be, and right-click on the color you want the background of the word to be. I use both foreground and background together depending on what I'm highlighting.

Using String Highlights: I tend to make NPC (i.e. People in town as well as monsters) colored Red so they stand out when you're hunting. I also highlight room descriptions in blue with a gray background, making it easier to track movement, especially if you're not leading.

Highlight directions: It help you get around if you can easily see where to go, so highlight all the cardinal directions (north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, northwest, up, down, out). Also when searching new areas it always helps to see those little hidden things, so highlight (Crack, crevice, cave, opening, hole, fissure, recess, trail, path, footpath, road, ramp, bridge bushes, roots, tunnel, wall, door, doorway, arch, stairs, steps, stairway, gate, sign, lake, pool, river, ford, boulder, landslide, rockslide). These will help in most areas, but also highlight any new directions you come across, because lands tend to re-use directions more then once.

Highlight Professions: When your running through town trying to find an Empath to heal your neck, or a Rogue to pick your coffer, it sure is nice to know one when you see one. In a room of 20-30 people, one or 2 are usually the profession you need and if you have encountered them before, why not have them highlighted. I tend to highlight each profession a different color and pick a background for profession highlights and a different one for friends. So I may have Empaths in blue with a gray background, and a friend who is an Empath also in blue, but with a white background. This makes it easier to recognize friends from helpers.

Other useful highlights: Some people just like to highlight or find it hard to keep up with fast moving screens, so for them there are others you can highlight to help.

  • Stunned (good when hunting to see if a friend or monster is stunned)

  • Your spell is ready (great when trying to cast as soon as you can)

  • also in the room (a must if you have a habit of accidentally attacking in occupied rooms)

  • You and Your (good to help notice when someone is trying to interact with you)

  • Spells (I highlight all the descriptions when spells wear off, that way I know when to get them re-cast)

  • great amount of time (very useful for those with 405, to quickly identify spells with over an hour on them)

  • Etc.....

You get the idea, these can be as easy as you want them to be, but are very useful in your everyday life in the lands. Good luck and safe hunting.

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