New Player Guides

Survival Tips An excellent guide to hunting & surviving in Elanthia Lord Oghier
Young Sorcerers A Guide to starting out as a sorcerer Lord Reklur
Aid to Farmers Various Links to Information you need to get started in Elanthia Lady Cattriona
Getting Started Dated 1995-96: How to create your character and other related information Lady Wanton
New Player Guide A guide to roleplaying and adventuring in Elanthia Thomas De'Crookk of Insanity City
Guide to young Clerics Advice to Young Clerics Lady Fayla
Dressing the Part This is a guide for beginners who are having trouble putting together an outfit that suits their profession or race. Lady Sayori
How to get Deeds How to get deeds and where to get them. Lord Zanovere & Lady Jypsie
Tourist Guide to Icemule Guide to Icemule for the youngest adventurer, to the oldest veteran. Lord Arliquin

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