The Mural at the Entrance to the AI Workshop

To get into the Abandoned Inn Workshop you must solve a puzzle. Here is how it works.

Go to the door of the workshop, you will see a mural.

TOUCH mural

After you touch the mural you will get a poem of sorts. 4 lines each describing a god. Match each line of the poem to the right god and touch the mural in order. Such as: If line 1 represents Koar, line 2 Ronan, line 3 Ivas, and line 4 Luukos, you would touch the faces of Koar, Ronan, Ivas and Luukos in that order.

EX:  A black cat crosses o'er a path of blood - This would be Andelas

Here are the answers to the riddles....

A black cat crosses o'er a path of blood Andelas
A breath of life, a trinket to a thief Tonis
A dark blade's hiss disturbs the still night air Onar
A demon's wings beat time in shadow vile Marlu
A golden crown shines bright in moonlight grey Koar
A golden rose lies soft on sanguine field Voaris
A king mayst not deny love pure and true Voaris
A nightmare drips black blood upon the stone Sheru
A pang of sorrow calls a long-lost love Laethe
A pixie's laugh, a dark demented soul Zelia
A silver crescent flickers in thine eye Zelia
A snow-white feather dances on the air Jaston
A sylvan zephyr rides the winds of light Jaston
Above the green, white wings may soar afar Jaston
Across the sky, a streak of flaming gold Tonis
All life has price, and death does not come cheap Onar
All wisdom at thy side, rule o'er the moon Koar
Ancient destroyer, lord of what was not Marlu
Be swift of foot and mind, and quickly fly Tonis
Beauty belies corruption to the core Ivas
Behold dark dreams of nightmare gallery Sheru
Behold temptation, bright decieving lie Ivas
Beyond the moons, mad laughter calls to thee Zelia
Black shadow moves in timeless pit of ruin Marlu
Carry the weight of ages before time Jastev
Cold death so swift, a whisper in the dark Onar
Cold stone be given life by fiery forge Eonake
Cold yellow eye draws magic from a rune Fash'lo'nae
Compassion doth within great sorrow lie Leathe
Creation's soul, love's labor, earth and fire Eonake
Dance on the wild green, child of the wood Imeara
Dark flame of knowledge burns the midnight lamp Fash'lo'nae
Death will yet come, still beauty lies in store Jastev
Death's minions scream and wail in twisted dark Luukos
False gold in dreams of blackness, crimson blood Sheru
Fear ye the serpent, mockery of death Luukos
Fine silk and velvet drape the dark decay Ivas
Fly on the mistral wind, bright bird of song Jaston
Give all to life, that ye may death defy Lorminstra
Great mountain rises, crowned in sunlight gold Koar
Guard ye the veil, lest demons darkness free Marlu
Hold fast the golden key that binds the gate Lorminstra
Hold fast thy hands, and love shall find its way Voaris
I shroud my prayers in darkest cloak of night Ronan
In autumn's chill the harvest golden reap'd Imeara
In cold grey stone waits pale all-seeing eye Gosaena
In dreams may darkness find a peaceful sleep Ronan
In moon-dark shadows howls the jackal wild Sheru
In promises of life twists falsehood black Luukos
In winter's cold doth life begin anew Lorminstra
Keep alert watch unquieted by sleep Koar
Let hammer strike the stone, the stone create Eonake
No mercy lies in sea's tempestuous rage Charl
No mortal knows the veil beyond the gate Gosaena
O King, keep watch from far beyond the ice Koar
O love, bright spirit, rise on feathered wings Jaston
O silver blade, flash brightly in the night Ronan
O sudden darkness, death a silent strike Onar
On golden wings, a blur of wind and haste Tonis
On silent wings, and peace beyond the dark Gosaena
On wings begat of freedom prayers take flight Tonis
One ship is saved, one lost in tempest's din Charl
Preserve the beauty of the dark and light Jastev
Preserve the past for those who come anon Jastev
Protector of the night, keep safe the dark Ronan
Return, O love, and mend a longing heart Laethe
Seer of sad shadows, painter of Mystery Jastev
Serpent slithers among the fallen horde Luukos
Silence is silver, grey eternity Gosaena
Sing prophecy of poets in the night Jastev
Speak into silence, silence answers back Jastev
Stark scream of terror pleads for break of day Sheru
Still waters gather, 'ware the eye of storms Charl
Still-living ichor drips from blackened stone Marlu
The artist weeps, old tears becoming paint Jastev
The black rose grows among the purple graves Laethe
The blood of tyrants feeds the hurricane Charl
The bringer of tense peace to light and dark Koar
The butterfly may twist into a wyrm Ivas
The craftsman works, the iron becomes his hand Eonake
The crimson claw, the fang, the chase, the play Andelas
The face of wisdom in the mirror crack'd Fash'lo'nae
The forger draws hard beauty from the ore Eonake
The gift of madness touches whom it may Zelia
The hand so quick, the surest eye is lost Tonis
The healing herb, the oak, the barley grow Imeara
The key, the gate, to be or not to be Lorminstra
The love forbidden, fate shall not deny Voaris
The mice will play until the hunger bites Andelas
The old one, so 'tis said, is he who seeks Fash'lo'nae
The sailor lives to praise the storm-wild sea Charl
The sickle falls and reaps the cycle's pause Gosaena
The silent doe reclines in dappled glade Imeara
The touch of death melts like the winter snow Lorminstra
The white skull grins, the dark shape on the floor Onar
The wisdom of the Law the balance keep Koar
There welcome lies, midst claws that spread with glee Andelas
Thou feed'st the hearth of knowledge with a fire Fash'lo'nae
Thy word is law, great majesty of old Koar
To nature's sylvan bounty raise a toast Imeara
Unending torment feeds on souls of lies Luukos
Walk brave in endless shadow, guard the door Ronan
Watch o'er the night, so we might keep the day Ronan
Wild freedom lies beneath chaotic moon Zelia
Ye soft and bitter, sharp and demon-sweet Ivas
Yet one may smile, and be a predator Andelas
Young love is golden to the true of heart Voaris
Young love reflected in a pool of tears Leathe

Whistlers Pass Tunnel Maze

On the trail to Elven Nations when you get into Whistler's Pass you will find yourself in a tunnel. You will come to a room that's obvious directions go in every direction possible and if you go the wrong way you will start at the begining again. To get out is simple, the way through is n, e, n, e, n, e,

Getting Out of The Dead Plateau

To get out of The Dead Plateau try going in a circular direction: ne,nw,sw,se

The Way into Spectral Miners

The way into Spectral Miners, without having to drop down the hole and getting injured every time is as follows:

From the ramp...
it's 1 west and 1 north
push circle dep
push triangle dep
push square dep
push rec dep
Then stand back up.

How To Get To The Vruul Area In Broken Lands

To get past the panel try this:

push relief
push med moon
pull relief
push U
push t
push h
push e
push x
pull globe
go stair

Once you go down the stairs you have to go north and climb some rocks, kneel down and crawl through a few rooms, and then search to find an opening. Then climb up the huge staircase which puts you into round time with each step When you get to the top and go through the tunnel you have to touch the relief and say,

"lo thal ta shin"

You will then "beam" in.

If you can't fog and don't have a symbol/sign to take you back when you are done you need to touch the statue and say,

"dyar trog"

To get back past the panel pull the stalagtite or stalagmite and it will open.

How to open the Crown/Door Mechanism at Rift Enterance

Here's what you do...

examine tine
If HUMILITY and the DULL GREY stone are not aligned...

push tine (then re-examine tine)

Repeat as necessary until HUMILITY and DULL GREY stone are aligned.

Then cast 100 mana worth of spells (or send mana) at the crown

As an alternative,
You can also wave wands at the crown.

Once you get this message:
The aura surrounding the crown flares for a moment, then subsides to a steady
brilliance., you have sent/cast enough mana at the crown.

Then, touch crown

Then, say "aenatumgana"

And the door will open

Charging Items At The Moon Temple on Melghoren's Reach

Part A: Getting to the Runes
Ok, to begin, from Voln go W, W, W, GO TRAIL, S, S, SW, W, GO BRIDGE, W, W,

Part B: The Runes and Trolley Cab **

GO STAIR, W, CLOSE DAM...wait until the "cab" arrives, it'll take about 5 minutes or
so***...OPEN DAM, GO CAB...wait until the cab comes to a halt... OUT, GO FOG,

Now you are in the Moon Temple.

STEP 3: The Moon Chamber
Once in the moon chamber, put yer items on the altar, wait for da
beam (comes about every 8 mins) once it hits, your item will throb
each throb = 1 charge, then once it starts to "Over-Heat" Take it
off the altar, or your item will explode, sometimes they explode
anyway, but nothing we can do 'bout dat:)
ADVICE: Dont come up here just to charge 1 wand or 1 crystal!

Once ya done, go shaft and go opening you'll be in a water tunnel
lay down and you can lean left to take left turns and right to take
right turns (sometimes you want to go straight, so dont lean:D)
STEP 1: lay down in the tunnel, you can lean left and lean right
(left for left turns, right for right turns)
STEP 2: Take the first and second lefts
STEP 3: you will come to a vertical drop
Take the first and second lefts I believe (you have to be quick)
FINISH: You will arrive at Lake Eonak!

You're done! Enjoy your newly charged items.


* NOTE: You MUST have hands free to do these things

** NOTE: There's a HIGH chance this changes each time you do this. I got several
different versions on how to touch them. Just keep touching all of them till they stairs
go up (use E rune to reset the steps)

***Also, if someone has been in there right before you, the "cab" may already be
there so just go cab and wait till it comes to a stop

Cost of Deeds formula

Here is how to figure out how much your deeds will cost you

Deed = 101 + (100 * number of deeds you already have) + (100 * your current level)

Examlpe a lvl 1 character goes to get a deed he/she would need 101 + (100 * 1) +
(100 * 0). So the first deed would be 201 silvers, the second 301, the third 401, etc.
etc. This is why it is advantagious to get alot of deeds at a younger level. Also gems
are worth 3 times their value as appraised by the gemshop. So you get a 100 silver
gem it is worth 300 towards a deed.

It seems to go up and change a bit when you get older, into your 50+ but no one knows for sure.

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