Game Mechanic Formulas (AS, DS, TD, CS...etc)

Below you will find the formulas for many of GS3's game mechanics. See bottom for variable numbers.

Attack Strength
AS = [Strength Bonus] + [Weapon Skill Bonus * Stance] + [Any Spells] + [Weapon
Bonus] + [CM (First 50 Ranks)/2] + [CM (ranks over 50)/3] + [Society Bonus]

Defensive Strength
DS = [Reflex Bonus] + [Shield Skill Bonus] + [Any Spells] + [Shield Bonus]+ [Armor Bonus] + [CM (First 50 Ranks)/2] + [CM (ranks over 50)/3] + [Special (room fogs, etc]
+ [Society Bonus]

Casting Strength
CS = [3 * level] + [1 * spells known in Primary Circle] + [.5 * spells known in other
Circles] + [W/A Bonus]

Target Defense
TD = [3 * Level] + [W/A Bonus] + [Spells]

Total Mana
(W/A Stat-40)/20 * level = mana

Round the number as normal (.5+ goes up)

Spirit Points
Spirit points are derived from your Aura statistic divided by 10 rounded up. Thus a 94
Aura would have 9 spirit and a 95 Aura would have 10 spirit. or:

Aura statistic/10 (rounded up) = Spirit

HealthPoints (Blood)
Health or hit points are determined by taking your combined Strength and
Constitution statistics and dividing them by 10, then adding your number of Physical
Training ranks and multiplying that by your racial hit point modifier. or:

Health Points = (Strength + Constitution) / 10 + (Physical Trainings x Race Modifier)

Gaining Experience
You gain experience by what you hunt. Basically the formula is that you gain 100
experience for killing a monster your own level, this goes up or down by 10 points for
each level above or below you are Your own level = 100 = 100
1 year older = 100 +10 = 110
5 years older = 100 +10 +10 +10 +10 +10 = 150
1 year younger = 100 -10 = 90
5 years younger = 100 -10 -10 -10 -10 -10 = 50

Disarming Traps
[Disarming Skill] + [Perception ] + [Wisdom Bonus] + [Any Spells] + Disarming Skill
to know how high you can disarm]



[Defensive = 1.0] ; [Neutral = .8] ; [Forward = .6] ; [Advancing = .4] ; [Offensive =.25]

CM = Combat Maneuvers

W/A Stat
When it says W/A stat, use the correct one for your profession. So if you are an
empath, add your Wisdom stat where W/A Stat is shown. If you are a Bard, add your
Aura stat.

Wisdom: Clerics, Empaths, Rangers
Aura: Wizards, Bards, Rogues, Warriors, & Sorcerers

W/A Bonus
When it says W/A bonus, use the correct one for your profession. So if you are an
empath, add your Wisdom bonus where W/A Stat is shown. If you are a Bard, add
your Aura bonus.

Wisdom: Clerics, Empaths, Rangers
Aura: Wizards, Bards, Rogues, Warriors, & Sorcerers

The Basics of Encumberence

Encumberence has 10 degrees to it I like to say, here in order are the 10 degrees of Encumberence ranging from not, to fully

(unencumbered) You adjust your gear comfortably and feel satisfied that you are not encumbered enough to notice.

Your load is a bit heavy, but you feel confident that the weight is not affecting your actions very much.

You feel somewhat weighed down, but can still move well, though you realize you are not as quick as you could be.

You can't quite get comfortable, and are definitely feeling the effects of the weight you are carrying. Lightening your load could help.

Your shoulders are beginning to sag under the weight of your gear, and your reactions are not very fast. Time to unload, perhaps?

The weight you are carrying is giving you a backache. Perhaps you should unload some things soon before you actually have to move fast.

You are beginning to stoop under the load you are carrying, and your reactions are slow. Hope you don't have to dodge anything.

It is difficult to move quickly at all, and your legs are strained with the effort of carrying all that stuff. You can probably manage to trudge around town, but hunting would be treacherous.

You find it nearly impossible to make any fast moves, and you ache all over from the load you are trying to haul around. Hope you're in a safe place.

(fully encumbered) You are so weighed down with junk you can barely move. You might be able to make it to your locker by summoning all your strength and willpower, but surviving much else would not be a good bet.

You can be totally unencumbered if you do not carry more than [15 + STR Bonus]% of your body weight. Racial stength bonuses are ignored here, except for dwarves who gain +5% for being "solid" individuals. Encumbrance will increase roundtimes by one second for every 5% of your body weight that your load is over this amount.

Mechanics & Formulas for Experience
By: Kulbaen

One receives 100 experience for being the sole killer of a creature of the same level. For each level the creature is above the killer, add 10 expierience; for each level below, subtract 10. Therefore if you are 10 levels above a creature you receive no learning from the creature. It is rumored that one must do at least 20% of the damage to a creature to receive any experience when it dies.

Throwing away a piece of trash will provide 1 exp.
Foraging, disarming and picking boxes, "popping" boxes, imbedding, loresinging, running messages, raising the dead and a few other activities also give experience.

Experience Capacity Filled
State of Mind-------------------------------0
Clear as a Bell 0 - 25%
Fresh and Clear 26 - 50%
Clear 51 - 62%
Muddled 63 - 75%
Becoming Numb 76 - 90%
Numbed 91 - 100%
Must rest! (aka Fried) 100%+
Completely Saturated The "completely saturated" condition occurs when one has a full head then gains experience via some unorthodox method: exp awards, guild tasks, etc...

The Formulas

Exp Capacity (Bucket) = 800 + DIscipline + LOgic


Your LOgic and DIscipline *STATS* determine the maximum size of your EXP bucket.

Your LOgic and INtelligence *BONUSES* determine how much of your nodal EXP rate you learn off a node.

Learning percent = LO_BONUS + IN_BONUS + 50

Someone with a combined INtelligence and LOgic bonus of 50 or more learns as quickly in the field as on a node.

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