Dwarven Grunt List

For Gemstone III Players




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grunt anger - Jenia grunts angrily, glaring and snorting.

grunt agree - Jenia grunts in agreement.

grunt amuse - Jenia grunts, amused.

grunt annoy - Jenia grunts in annoyance, rolling her eyes.

grunt bashful - Jenia grunts shyly, averting her eyes.

grunt bored - Jenia grunts in ennui.

grunt bye - Jenia grunts in farewell.

grunt crazy - Jenia grunts, rolls her eyes, and sticks out her tongue. What a loon.

grunt drink - Jenia grunts and motions for a drink. 

grunt drunk - Jenia grunts and hiccups, weaving slightly.

grunt elf - Jenia grunts and sneers at the same time in obvious distaste!

grunt fear - Jenia grunts, obviously terrified!

grunt fierce - You grunt fiercely!

grunt fool - Jenia grunts in obvious annoyance.

grunt food - Jenia grunts as her belly rumbles.

grunt gem - Jenia grunts with a sparkle in her eye!

grunt glee - Jenia grunts gleefully, rubbing her hands together!

grunt greedy - Jenia grunts, the gleam of silver in her eye!

grunt happy- Jenia grunts, grinning.

grunt hello - Jenia grunts in greeting.

grunt help - Jenia grunts urgently, calling for assistance!

grunt hunger- Jenia grunts as her stomach rumbles.

grunt maybe - Jenia grunts non-committally and shrugs her shoulders.

grunt Menace - Jenia grunts menacingly

grunt mine - Jenia grunts possessively, glaring at the same time!

grunt no - Jenia grunts and shakes her head.

grunt pain - Jenia grunts in pain.

grunt question - Jenia grunts, a quizzical look on her face.

grunt sad - Jenia grunts sadly, a small tear forming in the corner of her eye.

grunt skeptically - Jenia grunts skeptically, raising her bushy eyebrows.

grunt sleepy - Jenia grunts sleepily.

grunt stupid - Jenia grunts, grinning like a fool.

grunt satisfied - Jenia grunts in satisfaction.

grunt tired - Jenia grunts tiredly.

grunt thoughtfully - Jenia grunts pensively, deep in thought.

grunt what- Frorin grunts loudly in annoyance and impatience!

grunt yes - Jenia grunts and nods.

grunt - Jenia grunts

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