Elanthia: DFREDUX ~ written by Lord Subothai

For Gemstone III Players




"What the heck is Dfredux?"-one might ask.

Well, Dfredux is the ability of a character to gain resistance to damage caused by melee attacks through training in certain physical related skills-and only applies to characters in Gemstone III NOT monsters. Basically, if you devote your character to physical types of training instead of a magic intense regimen...you should have a well developed body and be more resistant to taking damage and basically begins around level 27.

Dfredux is composed of primary skills and weapons skills. Both sets of skills are calculated to determine overall reduction in the amount of damage that is inflicted upon the targetted character. Knowledge of spells will reduce additional resistance modifier to reflect a lack of total dedication to the physical training aspect of training.

Primary skills involved are: Two-Weapon Combat, Armor Use, Shield Use, Combat Manuvers, Multi-Opponent Combat, Climbing, Swimming, Ambush, Physical Training

Weapon skills involved are: One Handed Edged, One Handed Blunt, Two-Handed Weapons, Polearms, Brawling

Spell Penalties involved: the highest rank of known spell for each spell list known incurs a penalty equal to n(n+1); where n is the highest rank spell known in each particular spell list- example: bard based spells: the spell penalty is 27(27+1) + 10(10+1) = 756 +110 = 866 Dfredux = {primary skills + weapon skills - spell penalty - special 1}

Note: Primary skills count for more than Weapon skills, also special 1 is an age based modifier

Dfredux modifies the damage factor of the attack directed at your character, reducing the damage amount proportional to the total dfredux value. Basically, if you take a heavy stick and hit a person that is out of shape and weak you will most likely cause some major damage to them, BUT if you take the same stick and hit a lean trim huge body builder with arms as big as tree trunks...he will most likely ignore your blows and take your stick away from you and turn you into a meat popscicle and dance on your carcass.

Last Dated 10/1/99

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