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Aug 2002 - COL HAS MOVED!! Ta'Vaalor and Solhaven are now where to find the HQ's of COL.  Be aware that there are NEW questions as well...

I prefer that Everyone have fun in the exploration of finding out the answers themselves but I know it is hard for some of our young to journey thru areas they are not familiar with or quite equipped to wander in so if you wish to find the answers, you can email me below and I can help you in your quest for the answers.

I do hope, If you can, to at least try to explore the areas for yourselves and enjoy the experience and learning of the history of the lands.


What is COL in the first place?!

"The Council of Light? Uncle CoL? Many whisperings are heard about this society, if in fact it is even a society at all. Accounts continuously arise from people who've encountered everything from overheard code words to tales of strange encounters with its members.

It's said to be a secret society, and little is known about this possible non-existent entity. Incautious adventurers who ask too many questions are said to be "taken care of" permanently. While obviosly nonsense, it still should be stated that the reports of such events often arise.

Lately, in fact, rumors have abounded about strongarm tactics and open displays of aggression. Of course, these are all rumors. In fact, I shouldn't be spreading them. It's all ficticious. Of course there's no CoL. Forget what I just said. I was joking about the whole thing. Heh heh, erm...heh."

-- Lord Grindoll Hevucita

COL is a secret society that any character with a training of 3 or higher can join (given that they aren't already in another society such a VOLN, or have not previously resigned from COL).

To advance in ranks, you must gather creature pelts, offerings such as robes and metal aventails, and answer questions (which CAN be learned without any help or guides like these by traveling the lands!).

Each rank yields a certain "sign" for the acolyte to use at the cost of mana or spirit.

Once the society is mastered by an acolyte, the Grand Poobaah... takes your soul. Woops!

"Ah, Master Lleonie," smirks the Poohbah, "I see that you have completed your training. Good. Now all can be revealed to you."

"We so like it when a candidate with your qualities falls into our clutches. You were so easy to corrupt. We gave you a few paltry powers and you gave us your soul. Your greed for power blinded you, Lleonie. Didn't you think there would be a price? Look into your heart and see yourself as you truly are; corrupted, blackened, stained by evil! Even though you were given several opportunities to resign, you stayed on. You walked, nay, you ran down the path to damnation!"

"Now our job is done. When the final battle begins, it is to us that you must rally. You are beyond the reach of my adversary. As a graduate of the society, you will retain your powers, but you are also bound by your oath of secrecy. I'm sure my friend the Dark Assassin won't have to pay a call to close your mouth!"

This seems to be very discouraging to many adventurers. But once again, it is their decision of whether they want to follow the path of "evil." In reality, you do not get spirit killed when your "soul" is taken away. You are just bound to COL on a level of roleplaying. When time comes (and assume it won't be any time soon), your character must rally on the side of evil - Luukos's side. So really, it's up to you. If you are a player with great mana capacity and could use the extra boosts the signs give you (or the ability to regain your mana with sign of wracking), then this is definitely for you!


Where can you find Rolly Siphter? Bakery
What race does Rolly belong to? Halfling
How many different cakes can you buy from the baker?


What colour hair does Holly have? Auburn
What can you find Holly selling? Chocolate
What is the famed Banaltra's cage made out of? Vultite
Marsaena is a member of the _________ race. Dwarven
What structure stands near the lake? House
In what state of condition is the house by the lake? Disrepair
What do the ants encase near the lake? Basket
The pawnbroker's last name is _______? Gryhm
What can be found dripping to the floor in the Caverns? Wax
Who is the weaponsmith? Marsaena
What kind of bushes can you find on the west road? Holly
What can be seen littering a field on the west road? Boulders
To what type of road does the tower lead? Cobblestone
What can be seen surrounding a tower? Scaffolds
What colour is Vlodimm's voice? Ivory
What is the old woman's name? Mabel
What do the fisherman pull as depicted by the panel? Nets

What do the parents tend as depicted by the panels? Children

Depicted in the panels, what did the woodsman chop? Lumber

What do the farmers till as depicted by the panels? Soil

Who used to live in the house by the lake? Sailor

What can you find at the mouth of the pit? Bones

What color is the thatch on the cottage near the orchard? Golden

From whom can you buy a flask of absinthe? Lem

What does Ayniya carefully dab? Beeswax

What colour gown does Ayniya wear? Green

The name of the jeweler is _____? Kahlyr

What does Kahlyr wear? Gown

What can you find lying off the path to the north on the forest road? Wheel

Along the forest road there is a boulder, what shape does it resemble? Fist

Along the coast, near the foggy vally what colour tint do the trees resemble? Grey

What spans the canal beneath the trees? Planks

What surrounds the school? Yard

What surrounds the local school? Fence

What critter can be found in Dargeur's shop? Rat

What race is Dargeur? Half-Elven

Tursak's last name is ____________? Maldib

What colour are Tursak's boots? Orange

What colour vest does Tursak have on? Green

What does Tursak have on his head? Turban

The night comes softly with her velvety cloak, wrapping me in warm ______? Embrace

What is the name of the locksmith? Jyhm

What is the name of the locksmith's apprentice? Nerm

What is Lem's last name? Skinker

What colour is the North Wall? Blue

What does Tynira sell? Slippers

Precise stitches is Tynira's ______? Trademark

What tree can be found budding? Linden

What is mounted on the walls of Grivahk's? Weapons

What can you find opposite the bar in Girvahk's? Fireplace

Girvahk's shop widely known for his? Bar

What type of weapon is displayed in the case in Grivahk's? Mace

From whose shop can basal moss be purchased? Kelph

What colour is Kelph's hair? Brown

What is Kelph displaying? Bluebird

What fruit grows in the orchard? Apples

What lies by the empty carts in the orchard? Basket

What creature is commonly seen in the orchard? Daggerbeak

Where can you buy a narrow gold ring? Darbo

What is Darbo's cottage made of? Stone

What does the merchant Beltheine sell? Flowers

What does Walsor jingle? Silver pieces

What colour are the windows and awnings on Triton road? Rose

What colour is the library? White

What hangs above the armory? Breatsplate

What colour is the gate to Vornavis? Ebony

What colour is Ronan's gate? Black

What colour is the gate outside of Kai's temple? Crimson

What temple do the kissing swans lead to? Oleani's

What can you find standing near the surf on the south beach? Seagulls

What is the curtain made of in the Ancient Shrine? Burlap

What is wrong with the cat? Peglegged

Who is the owner of Ouslanders Garb? Red McKrieg

What is the poor side of town called? MarshTown

What colour is the sphere? Blue

What is the woodcrafter's last name? Crafyien

What could the Broken tower once have been? Watchtower

From what metal is the anvil at the museum made of? Mithril

Where can you buy thrak hide boots? Gornissa

What is outside of Sagrassa's cottage? Plaque

What covers Tyalosa? Dust

Tyalosa's last name is ________? Rhus

Red is a member of the ________ race. Giantman

What colour is Gertie's apron? Saphron

What is Gornissa's gown made from? ??

Where can you buy a pair of saffron slippers? ??

A ring of ______ can be found on Jag Point. Stones

What is on the ceiling of the basement in the museum? Moss

(Vaalor questions coming soon!)

The Old & (Old)New Questions


Q: After what cleric is the square surrounding Lorminstra's temple named?
A: Go to Lorminstra's Temple and LOOK around you.

Q: What is the name of the town guard?
A: Go to landing's west gate and listen to the guard until he mentions his name.

Q: What is the lightest metal?
A: Is it...1. ora.. 2. imflass.. 3. mein

Q: The shrine to which God can be found on the shore of dreams?
A: Through hob village, follow the trail to the waterfall.

Q: What is the metal most commonly used against undead?
A: Is it... 1.ora.. 2.mithril.. 3. Eonak

Q: What is the castle southwest of town?
A: Head southwest of town by the pool.

Q: What is Charl holding in his Shrine?
A: Journey to Charl's shrine and LOOK at the statue.

Q: What is the manuscript that lies in the crypt of the Graveyard made of?
A: Go to the Graveyard, through the crypt to find the manuscript.

Q: What does the obelisk in Danjirland emanate?
A: The path just before dangirland you will find the trail to the obelisk.

Q: Who invaded Darkstone and claimed it for himself?
A: Go to my Library. The history of Darkstone will help you find the answer.

Q: Eight of these stand guard at Kai's shrine. What are they?
A: Journey to Kai's shrine and LOOK around the area.

Q: Who is the temple off the Mine Road dedicated to?
A: Over the bridge to Voln, climb the bank, go northeast and follow the TRAIL to this temple to seek your answer.

Q: What activates the charging altar of Melgorehn's Reach?
A: You can either take the journey to the Reach and experience it yourself or read about Melgorehn in my Library to seek the answer.

Q: What lies in one of the trees growing on the sea cliffs?
A: Norwest of Wayside Inn, go down Merchant road and search for the tree.

Q: What can be found in the pool of water atop the mountain in twin canyons?
A: Is it..1. a body..2 .gold.. 3. herbs

Q: What grows in the garden within Imaera's Shrine? A: go to the lakeshore in krolvin's to find the shrine

Q: Who is the altar in the underground ruins in the Costal Cliffs dedicatd too?
A: Is it.. 1. Eorgina.. 2. Armaxis.. 3. Luukos

Q: What was the first name of the founder of Wehnimer's?
A: Is it.. 1. Goesana.. 2. Rone.. 3. Sayzor

Q: What is next in the sequence 'Uk ... Ik ... Ak ... Ut ...'?
A: Is it.. 1.Ur... 2.Ag... 3.IT...


Q: The temple in Erebor Square is dedicated to whom?
A: Seek the temple in which you are given your deeds.

Q: What is the name of the cleric who runs the shop near Erebor Square?
A: Seek your answer in the Cleric shop

Q: What is the strongest metal a weapon may be forged from? A:

Q: The shrine to which God can be found on the shore near the tide pools? A:

Q: What is the only metal named after a God or Goddess?
A: 1. Arachne.. 2. Eonak.. 3. Jastev

Q: What wealthy family, whose manor still stands in town, fell to the undead? A:

Q: The manuscript in the graveyard crypt has whose insignia on it? A:

Q: What are the talismans at Kai's shrine made of? A:

Q: What is the obelisk in Danjirland made of? A:

Q: Which God or Goddess did Estrion align himself with? A:

Q: What must one go through to get to Charl's Shrine? A:

Q: What manner of creature occupy the temple off of the mine road? A:

Q: What is the altar on Melgorehn's Reach made of? A:

Q: What kind of village is abandoned on the coastal cliffs? A:

Q: What is the pool of water atop the mountain in Twin Canyons under? A:

Q: Which God or Goddess' shrine is located on an island in the middle of a lake? A:

Q: To access the altar in the underground ruins on the cliffs, what must you pull? A:

Q: Which was the first House founded to oppose the Undead? A:

Q: Who sent you to us? A:

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