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Updated on:  Tilamaires, day 31 of the month Koaratos in the year 7101. It is 20:46 by the elven time standard.

Time Scheme


Mundane World

Months of the Year Lormesta January
Fashanos February
Charlatos March
Olaesta April
Ivastaen May
Lumnea June
Koaratos July
Phoenatos August
Imaerasta September
Jastatos October
Eoantos November
Eorgaen December
Days of the Week

Volnes Monday
Tilamaires Tuesday
Leyan Wednesday
Niiman Thursday
Day of the Huntress Friday
Feastday Saturday
Hours of the Day
Hour of Lumnis

Hour of Phoen Noon
Hour of Tonis Dusk
Hour of Ronan Midnight

Elanthian Holidays


Mundane World

14th of Fashanos

Day of Voaris & Laethe

Valentine's Day

1st of Olaesta

Day of Zelia's Warning

April Fool's Day

1st of Ivastaen

Day of Kuon's Blessing


20th of Ivastaen

Festival of Oleani

First day of Spring

14th of Koaratos

Cholen's Eve


31st of Jastatos

Eve of the Reunion


20-25th of Eorgaen

Feast of the Immortals


31st of Eorgaen

Lornon's Eve

New Year's Eve

Elanthian Time Elanthian Time is simply looked at the same way as army time in the mundane world. In Elanthia we call it various time zones such as...Elven Time Standard

So If you were to date your documents or speak of what the date is, this is how you would say it:

Today is Tilamaires, day 31 of the month Koaratos in the year 7101. It is 20:57 by the elven time standard.

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