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Tales from the IceAge
Title Description Author/Owner of Documents
The Monk The monk whom you see today walking the streets of the landing...

Lord Daulken

Mustafo's Porch "Bingo!", Here, you can read many memories, stories and Interviews of
the Eldest & most respected Legends of the Ice Age, given by that famous Hearthstone Porch owner.

Lord Mustafo

Ye Olde Fart Here is a look at the old days through the eyes of the Legendary Lord Manny

Lord Manny

Kalail Zaerius & Daephron Illian It all started when I was a young elf travelling under the township of Wehnimers smashing rats with a longsword as I remember...Lost Tome

Lord Kalail

Title Description Author/Owner of Tome
Kelfour's Editions

Kelfour Editions

Kelfour Edition of 1991

Tomes of Kulthea

1st & 2nd Editions

Vol.3 - issues 1-9, LOST TOMES

Vol 1 - NO. 8,

From  90 - 96 Kelfour's Editions, Kulthea's Chronicles, Elanthian Herald   

compiled by Lord Gowain

compiled by Simutronics

compiled by Lord Meta

compiled by House Brigatta

History & Lore
Title Author/Owner of Tome
A Guide to Darkstone
The Legend of Estrion and Darkstone
Lady Amerlise
The Birth of Silver Valley
Jaron Galarn
This Tome is in the basement for renovation
From the journals of Selias Jodame, Sage Circa IIVI
Shadow Valley Lady Amerlise
The Brokenlands Lady Amerlise
Thingul Manor * Lord Silvean Rashere
A Tale of Despana
The Graveyard
Cronicled by Elros Arwenstar
Lady Amerlise
Stone Valley Lady Laranna
Ruin Creek Lord Merlock
The Wizard Melgorehn
Melgorehn's Reach
Historian Lord Silvean
Compiled by Lord Lavastene
Discovery of Ocoma Vale Lord Nevrek
Griffin Sword AProphet of Lorminstra
Origions of the Swalafat Lord Kree
Vvrael - War of All Ages
Terate's Story
The Veil - Well of Souls
Lady Heathyr
Lady Sharqua
Lady Laranna
Kai's Orb Lady Iscikella
Guide to the Sheruvian Monastery
Lord Barachado
Lord Setzier
Asylum is locked
The Council of Ten Lady Iscikella, of the Devotees of Lumnis
Setzier speaking of Shar
Kulbaen speaking of Shar
Lord Setzier
Lord Kulbaen
Elvanion As told to Amerlise by Phyro
Legend of Necroplis of Etrevion Material reprinted from the Kelfour's Edition Volume 3, Issue 11..
An Ancient Cult Historian Lord Silvean
Jantalar, Bregandians & More Lady Titaniia
Turamzzyrian Empire
When Barons meet a Council of War
Official Document
As Seen from the eyes of Lady Arwen
Giantkin History Official Documents
Giantkin Clans Official Documents
The Arkati Volumes Lady Evialla - The Gods, their symbols and other tales of the Arkati.
Lost History Lord Angtamin
Tales of Elanthia Lady Evialla & Lord Geijon
Elanthian Lore MANY Historical Tales to find here by the Mentors of Elanith.
History Scrolls Lord Valentrus
Invaders of Elanthia Past Invasions compiled by Lord Barachado
Elven Library Lady Lylia Ravensbane-Rashere The doors are locked

In the Days of the Drakes

Lady Evialla

Water and Ice Spirits

Lord Truekillr
The Unlife Lord Mnar
Elanthian History Official Document
The Arkarti Official Document
Castle Anwyn Lord Mnar
McKyren's Folly Virilneus, Miriweather, Haelra
Beyond the Grey Arch Lady Lissa
History of the River's Rest Infirmary Lady Lyvonia
Recorded History House Brigatta
Theological Tomes Maelkyth
Historical Tomes Maelkyth
Tehir Azorik
Legend of Soulingen Simu
Evolution of Elven Art Simu
Dhe'nar History Simu
Story of Meyno, Khaarne & the Valley Larranna
Spike Speaks thru Setzir Logged by Teft
Spike's Quest A small boy named Jake

Tales & Songs
Title Author/Owner of Documents
Cholen's Song A humorous song about Cholen, written and performed by Amadeus
A Song of Forever As written and sung by Lady Sinda
The Book Hunt: A Harrowing Story by Lord Harrow
Stories told in the dark of the night A collection of tales, historical fact, historical fiction, compiled by Lord Gowain
Tales from the Obsidian Tower Various stories from the Obsidian Tower
Tales & Songs provided by the Silver Gryphons
A COL Story Lord Geijon This tome has not yet been returned to the library, sorry.
Bloodsmythe's Bestiary A Vultgar Ghost Story Dirtbeard the Gravedigger
The Story of the Faendryl and the Ekeria Family Lady Antalya
The Lady and the Tower Lady Jypsie
Rastavan's Library Lord Rastavan
Destruction of Silverwood Manor Delyorik

For other  Stories, Guides, Maps and more...Laranna's Lair,  Alixi's Library  &  Reklur's Infopedia

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