A Lesson in AmuNet Usage

Not too long ago, there were gripes, complaints, and pleas to the gods to change the amulets. There were too many thoughts going through people's heads, and all that could be heard on them were bids for auctions .. Cries for help went unnoticed. So, the gods gave us what we asked for ....
They improved the amulets so they had three channels.
Grey for chatting, Black for sales, and the white for rescues/requests for help.

But guess what? No one used it.

Enough time has passed that I think that many people don't even know about the channels, and even fewer know how to use them.

To turn on the thoughts ...

  • Rub the amulet = Grey net for chatting

  • Pull = Black, i.e. the shopping channel (comes across as subdued)

  • Turn = White, Healer/Cleric/Rescue net (comes across as muted)

  • Touch = Grey net, back to chatting

How to use Amulet...

  • Publicly - THINK

  • Privately - THINK TO


You may listen to both the grey and black channels at the same time. BUT, if you do this, you may mistakenly make your bids or sales on the grey channel instead of the black channel and let me tell you, the net police as well as the net monitors and others will not be happy about it. So make sure you LOOK at your amulet before thinking on it.

To listen on both nets..

  • Rub amulet

  • Pull amulet

  • Rub amulet again (you can THINK on chat net)

  • Pull again to THINK on selling net

Redzig Rules!
(That's true, but I'm talking regulations!)

Now some things are a little too copied in these file libraries (one map of Hobland is enough, thanks), while I don't see what needs to be stressed.


Have you been listening to the Amu-net lately? I wish I had one of those Glaes seashells right now, because I can't stand some of the gibberish that pops out. With this in mind, here are the rules for the amu-net. Now there not offical, but it seems like all the Lords & Ladies & everyone else agrees on these rules. So I'm not going to say they are really open to interpretation, because then all hel...um, all heck would break loose.


1. Don't Ask for Puzzle Answers !

Not jigsaw puzzles, dope. I mean "Take me to House Aspis!" or "Where's the runner?" Lords and Ladies go on massive quests, killing mythical beasts. If you can't handle finding a gypsy on the streets of town, maybe you should reconsider your plans.

2. No CoL or Voln at all!

I always like a good debate over who's better, but I'm not sure everyone else does. Also, this goes along with my laziness principle. If you can't handle finding some kobold skins, or figuring out how to get Eonak's favor, then maybe you should consider being a full time peasant.

3. No Yelling!

In my opinion, there's no real reason to yell. Unless of course you want every single person listening to want to stop your thinking by cutting out your brain. Being repetitive in your thoughts might add some emphasis, but usually keep your mental pleas down to about 2 every minute.

4. No cursing!

This goes for all places and times in Elanthia. Remember that 12 year old who wrote his guide. He wants GS3 to be special, and someone mouthing off isn't going to help. High level magic users, feel free to mute any foul mouths -- same goes for the non magicans, too. :)

5. No OOC

One of the things that the people on the amu-net jump on are references to RL (real life). Say "computer", and you'll end up feeling like a dope. It also detracts from the whole GS3 experience. What can a warrior say when someone asks him to send EMail?

6. Private, not Public.

If you need to discuss something that's not GS3 related, keep it personal. For those who still don't know, THINK TO >. If you want to find out if someone is on the amu-net, don't ask "ARE YOU THERE?!?!!?", simply THINK TO that person, and if you get THINK TO WHOM?, then they aren't even in the lands (which reminds me that you should use FIND), or wait for a response. They might be too busy, or maybe they can't hear you, or maybe they don't want to hear you. Once again I must plug the Wizard FE, which makes thoughts very legible, even if you don't use it's thought window.

7. No Death Threats!

If you get ripped off for a lot of silver at the pawnshop or gemshop, the best defense against further pickpocketing is to say so over the amu-net. But usually one call will get someone to remove the problem, so saying "So and so Is a THIEF!!", millions of times won't get you help, it willl get everyone annoyed.

Perhaps one of the greatest instigators of Elanthian lynch mobs is when people start spouting off, "Kill so and so! He dragged me away from Town Square!"

Well, first of all, the GMs installed this handy new group mechanics thing that PREVENTS YOU FROM BEING DRAGGED AWAY FROM CLERICS! So if this happens to you, then remember that you could've prevented it, and therefore, the GMs might not be so willing to replace your stuff. And the other players are hopefully aware of the group open - group close verbs, so they're not going to be so willing. But when it does catch on, look out! I've seen one dead guy's search lead to 2 people, then 5, then before you know it, the entire population is after one guy who barricades himself inside healer's tent.

Amunet references help
by Lady Sayori

Term abbreviation, TTM:

  • Replace with "send me a thought" "think to me" or if you are not giving out specific information, like a website address or description, nothing at all. If people know what TTM means, then they don't need to be told to do so. Think to me was originally used to let newbies know the syntax for directing thoughts. Real newbies do not know what the TTM means.

Terms, AS/DS 1x,2x,etc.:

  • Don't use this. Use words like, protection, or proclaim the enchantment value by saying, for instance "enchanted five times by a wizard."

Term, Scripted:

  • This is so OOC that I believe you can get warned for it. With today's high maintenance customer policy, one would be wise to stay in character. For items that are toys, say something like "You can play with it X differant ways! Screams when you poke it and wets its pants when you feed it" This actually sells the product better too, rather than saying it's scripted.

Breakage numbers, term, breakage:

  • These are OOC. Do not use any reference to them, except in private thoughts if someone asks. You may advertise its strength by saying "Well forged" "strong, rolaren" "not very strong really, but hasn't broken yet!" in the replacement of "Breakage isnt coming for a long time."

Term, Box found:

  • This term is annoying to role-players. It means you found it in a creature treasure box, so it is randomly generated and is worth a little bit. Back in the old days, box found items went for hundreds of thousands of silver, even millions. This is because they were so rare, and almost always unique. So the term box found meant, something no spectacular really, but it's one of a kind. Nowadays, try to use, "I found it in a box I stole from a ", or, "I looted it from ".


  • You can say altered about anything under the sun that has been changed by you, spit on, stepped on, dyed. Better to say, "Specially created by " It makes it sound better anyways. Not a big deal really.

God Auctioned:

  • Avoid this term. The GM auctions are not held by our gods, the Arkati and Drakes, but by GMs. If your item is so great, people will pay the price for it without seeing "god auction" Try using the term "One of a kind" "very rare" or "an ancient work of art" or perhaps "acquired from the estate of an esteemed and powerful grand mage, don't miss this opportunity!"

Elemental "Crit" misusage:

  • Elemental flares are not crits. They can cause instant death, but they are not "crits" Use the term "blessed by an elemental of " or simply, "flares " cold, earth, fire, etc.

Crit weighted, damage weighted:

  • Crit weighted is totally OOC, use, masterfully weighted to cause instant deaths. Damage weighting is debatable, but it's safer to say "weight added to cause more damage" or some such statement.

E-scroll term:

  • Electronic scroll? Used in place of e-mail, this is out of character, despite the good intentions. "Tell me your address" should suffice. In the landing, it is not far fetched that we use the Wehnimer's runner team to send messages to peoples doorsteps.

DO NOT use:

  • CAPS, symbols such as, *,@,~,`,[,},)^, etc. to get attention. Use them only when they are in the proper place.

DB item: OOC.

  • Use terms like, defense.

Selling 'misspelled" items:

  • You know the ones. "Selling a SHAPPHIRE bracelet, that's right, SHAPPHIRE is how it is spelled" I am not sure what the GM policy is on this one, but you might get warned for it. Who would want a crappily made item anyways that isn't spelled right? There isn't much of a market for this stuff, don't risk it.

Selling "buggy" items:

  • Items that hold infinite amounts, or have other flaws or qualities they should not, should not be sold, but reported to a GM immediately. You will be lucky if they reward you for pointing it out, but if you try to exploit it, you will be punished.

Selling items saying:

  • "They don't make this kind of stuff anymore" in reference to sorcerer cloaks, ancient items, etc, items in opposition to the new item guidelines. This is just annoying exploitation. People who really are interested in that sort of thing will notice your item, regardless.

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