AI Crystal Results
by Lord Gleneth

Hold thine item in thy Left hand,and thou doth
touch the Crystal in the Workshop with thine Right
....... The result will be......

Silver nimbus Blessed or Holy
Pure high note Voln or pure-potion blessed
Shrill piercing note Elemental Crits
Low mellow tone Defender (DS bonus in off)
Low Resonate tone Crit-weighted
Deep bass tone Damage-weighted
Shadow Cursed
Red Beam +1 to +5 bonus
Orange Beam +6 to +10 bonus
Yellow Beam +11 to +15 bonus
Green Beam +16 to +20 bonus
Blue Beam +21 to +25 bonus
Indigo Beam +26 to +30 bonus
Violet Beam +31 bonus and above

Low resonate tone Crit-padded
Deep Bass Tone Damage-padded
Shrill piercing note Enchanted by a wizard
Shadow Cursed
Red Beam +5 Bonus
Orange Beam +10 Bonus
Yellow Beam +12 or +15 Bonus
Green Beam +17 or +20 Bonus
Blue Beam +25 Bonus
Indigo beam +30 Bonus
Violet Beam Above +30

Shrill Piercing Note Enchanted by a wizard
Shadow Cursed
Green Beam No Bonus above the +20
Blue Beam +5 Bonus above the +20
Indigo Beam +10 Bonus above the +20
Violet Beam Above +10 bonus above the +20
Items with limited charges:

Golden scintillating light Imbeddable
Shrill piercing note 33+ charges remaining
High Ringing Note 17 - 32 charges remaining
Pure High Note 9 - 16 charges remaining
Clear even note 5 - 8 charges remaining
Low mellow note 3 - 4 charges remaining
Low resonate note 2 charges remaining
Deep bass note 1 charge remaining

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